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When to Sell Your Silver

High Demand Equals High Gold Prices

Cars with a single source of energy are most common among drivers. These conventional automobiles run on a source like gasoline, or diesel or petrol. Engineers created electric cars, that cost less per kilometer, but they are not efficient for long drives because they require frequent recharges.

Physical Gold and Silver Vs Precious Metals Exchange Traded Funds (ETF)

What do we say about investing in physical gold vs. investing in a gold ETF? We say “Ain’t nothin’ like the real thing, man!” Of the four ways to invest in precious metals today, the one that, to us, easily makes the most sense is investing directly in the physical asset.

Why Are Physical Gold and Silver Underweighted in Investors’ Portfolios?

Gold is said by many to be the ultimate safe haven investment. Physical precious metals such as gold hold intrinsic value, while paper-backed assets like stocks, bonds, and mutual funds, are just that, backed by nothing but paper. Why, then, does the average investor overlook adding physical gold and silver to their portfolio? The answer is simple: the information is not readily available to them.

Have Gold to Sell? Now’s the Time to Contact Gold Buyers!

Have you observed how the dollar value of gold is seen to be continuously rising over the previous several years? It truly is in fact exchanging more than it’s ever exchanged in history! Because of this a lot of people would like to know just how they are able to profit by taking advantage of this event.

Investing In Silver – How You Can Make Huge Profits

Have you thought lately about investing in silver? It seems to make more sense these days, due to the falling dollar and financial situation of the United States. Silver has and always will be a safe haven for citizens looking to protect the value of the money they earn. Silver, like gold, is real money. Governments can say their paper money is real, but it really only has value because they say it does. When people lose confidence in paper money, fiat currency automatically loses its value.

Acquiring Gold Coins As An Investment

Looking at buying gold coins and gold bullion as an investment strategy. The value of gold is increasing year after year and with interest paid on savings at an all time low, buying gold can be a sensible alternative to putting your money into a savings account or buying stocks.

Silver Investing – How To Lower Your Risk

On November 10th of this year the margin requirement on silver futures accounts. The subsequent drop in the price of silver was attributed to the fact that many speculators had to liquidate a portion of their holdings to comply with the new margin requirements. Two days later, on November 12th, the central bank of China raised interest rates a half point. The price of silver swooned, justifying the increased margin requirements. The drop in my account value on November 12 caused me to review and alter my silver investing strategy.

Predictions of Gold Price Trend in 2011

There are no sources from which we can predict what the gold price trend 2011 will be. By looking at the historical data an investor can get an idea regarding the price. To know the price estimate of gold in 2011, an investor has to look for the highest gold rate that was recorded in the past.

Silver Prices Rising

It is more likely for the silver prices to become inversely proportional to dollar value in the short term. It is unlikely for the current trends to change course as several countries are investing in government debt. Silver is a scarcely available metal and hence is precious.

The Prices Of Gold Reflect China’s And India’s Demand

Based on their cultures and traditions of thousands of years, both China and India are great consumers of gold in the form of jewelry. Their current economic growth reflected in the increasing incomes is supporting this traditional gold demand and consumption. The gold jewelry demand, for example, reached 407.7 tons worldwide, which means a 43% rise, with 25% of consumption just in India.

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