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GOLDBACKS – Should YOU Be Buying The Goldback?

Where to Buy Gold Coins As an Investment

There are many different reasons why a person would want to buy gold. The most common situation is gold jewelry, which is always a wise investment. There are also people who choose to invest in gold bullion and bars that can be stored for future trading. Another popular way to buy gold is in coins.

Gold – Useful As Jewelry If Not As an Investment

When you buy gold jewelry, you want to know the purity of the gold. The higher the number of carats, the more gold is in the metal. In the United States it’s mixed with other metals to make stronger alloys while still looking beautiful. East Asian people want pure, 24 carat gold.

American Silver Eagle Coins – How They Are Made

The finished American Silver Eagle coin is a masterpiece of art and science – the product of a fascinating series of human and modern technological processes. Here is the story in brief.

Have We Reached Peak Gold Price?

Europe and the UK are both trying to enforce an austerity regime on their populations to reduce the mountain of debt. The UK has made a good start as is evidenced by the rise of sterling.

Mining Stocks Investing Guide – Why Silver Will Always Outperform Gold and How to Become Rich!

Right now, silver prices are around $18 per ounce. If we keep the above ratios in mind, this means silver price should be around $100-$125 per ounce. This means a gain of 500%. Silver is not only used as a store of wealth, unlike gold, it has many important industrial applications.

High Rising Gold Price

“Whenever the International Monetary Fund starts selling gold, I would start buying,” said an individual in an interview with a reporter of a T.V. news channel. The current level of gold is $923 per ounce, marketeers are expecting it to drop by $750 per ounce – it is the price at which a person finds it attractive enough to buy it.

Silver Bullion is Going to Be Worth a Fortune, But Beware of Paper Silver

This article details one of six fundamental reasons silver prices are about to explode. Read this article and buy silver now… before it’s too late. This fourth article discusses the concept of paper silver (e.g., bank certificates) that may not be truly backed by real silver and the impending impacts if they are not.

The Forgotten Investment, Silver

Most of the talk these days centers on gold and gold investing. Its brethren, silver, appears to take secondary role as an investment metal and is thought of more as in jewelry and flatware than as a money making investment.

Sell Gold Online – Get the Best Price in Selling Gold

If you’re looking to generate money, cash for gold is the sure-fire way. Why not sell your old, damaged, unwanted gold, and other jewelry items online? At the end of the day, you’ll absolutely be amazed on how easy this transaction works.

Investment in Gold Can Be a Safe Haven For You

Investment in stocks and shares is a risky business and only professionals can buy them, however, if you want a safe investment for your money, then there is no better option than investment in gold. There is a direct or the physical means of gold trade in which you actually get the possession of gold. There is, however, another prominent method of gold trading and that is through the online platform.

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