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Top 3 Places to Buy Gold – Gold Investing for Beginners


Collecting Silver for Your Children’s Future

During the recession of 2008, many people who had precious metals investments made a huge return while people in typical asset classes saw their investments cut in half. Below are several reasons why you should consider investing in silver.

Coin Collecting in 2015 – An Investment and a Hobby

Many individuals are aware of the fact that they can invest in silver or gold through an IRA or by purchasing stocks. However, another option that should not be overlooked is to buy gold and silver coins outright. This alternative allows the individual to build a collection that serves as an investment as well as an enjoyable pastime.

Buy Silver Coins Online – 3 Good Reasons Why

Silver can make a good investment especially when you pay attention to the market trends and understand the value of your silver or the silver you are about to purchase. Here are three good reasons why you will find buying silver coins beneficial…

Which Walking Liberty Half Dollar Collecting Strategy Is Best for You?

Walking Liberty half dollars are one of the most beautiful of American coins. They age gracefully, and are a far less expensive to collect than the more popular Morgan silver dollar. This article will show you how.

How To Quickly Choose The Best Gold Buyers Today

There are many prospective gold buyers in the market, all of them willing to buy this precious commodity, but for varying prices. Therefore, you must always be keen to get the most out of your gems and avoid under-pricing. You must be skilled and knowledgeable to find the best buyer for your gold. In this regard, take note of the common traits of reputable buyers.

Why Are True Slider, Rare American Coins Considered Circulated?

It intrigues me that original type “slider” silver dollars are considered by professional graders and most coin collectors to be circulated coins. It seems to me that the term slider has taken on a broader meaning than first intended.

How to Invest in Gold for Inflation Protection

Gold can add inflation and geopolitical protection to your investment portfolio. Learn how to buy and allocate gold in this article.

Simple Best Way To Invest in Gold and Silver

If you are looking to increase the viability of your long term financial portfolio, then precious metals should definitely be a part of the discussion. There are many options available to those who want to invest in precious metals. The gold and silver investment strategy that some of the best investors in the world apply to their own portfolios is now available to the average investor.

Easy Investment Guide to Gold and Silver

These are metals that include gold, silver, platinum as well as palladium that are majorly used as units of trade. All the mentioned metals have a specific kind of value in the industrial sector. Metals such as silver are regularly used in quite a good number of companies. People buy these metals for economic purposes and values. It is significant to note that these metals are very rare, and this is what makes them worth. As far as History is concerned, the metals were used as currency and got featured in jewelry.

Eisenhower Silver Dollars, Last of the Traditional Silver Dollar Type Coins

Dwight Eisenhower proved to be a successful leader in World War II, which led to the surrender of the Germans. He later was pursued by both parties for president. He won the 1952 election and again in 1956 as a Republican, and was known as an inspirational leader.

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