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Massive Collection of Dragon Silver #Shorts

Collectible Coin Buyers Beware!

Collecting numismatic coins can be a fun and fulfilling hobby. Learn the rules and enjoy!

Is a Krugerrand Coin a Good Investment?

With the global economy in tatters and simmering tensions in Korea and the Middle East, gold is still very much on the radar of investors. The press has played a huge role in creating awareness of gold as a safe haven in these turbulent times. If most people are asked which coins to buy though, they will be stumped.

Silver Vs Dollar – Silver Price at a Crossroads

The returns that silver and gold investors have enjoyed over the last few years are enough to make anyone smile. Recently, both precious metals have broken upward resistance price levels and are looking to increase their gains in the short term.

Reasons for the Surge in Demand for Silver and Why Its a Good Investment

Silver is a rare precious metal, and due to recent economic turmoil, it is now extremely sought after due to it being a safe haven against a weakening dollar and growing inflation. Read on to discover five reasons for the surge in demand and its use as an investment.

The Best in Gold

Gold is a good investment as it is more stable than any other currencies in the world. You just need to explore different ways before you actually decide investing. Long time and well informed investors know that you can never go wrong in buying gold. In the end you will realize that this is the best investment you will ever make!

Advice For Those Interested In Investing In Gold

The deterioration of the international economic status and the sharp reduction of rates at a global level have determined the shift of gold placement, which seems to become in times of crisis the safest savings instrument. On the other hand, it must be said that the domestic price increase is directly related to the evolution of the U.S. dollar, the reference currency on the international market.

Don’t Sell Your Gold, Save It For Your Future

Ever since the beginning of the present recession many people have been panicking. Some of them have started buying gold to protect the value of their savings. Others have been charmed by the high price of gold and started selling every gold item within reach.

A Simple Analysis Of Precious Metals

Since the age of iron, the metals are known for their hardness, but also for their ductility being very easy to be processed in various shapes. Unfortunately, one of their defects is the fact that prolonged exposure to open air rusts them.

Gold Stays Steady

If we would have to choose a word that everybody on the planet have heard or known about that will be “Gold”. Rich people use it to highlight their wealth, poor people to point out their poverty and intellectuals to express their contempt for the fascination these metals exercise on the soul.

The Hedge Fund

Gold is widely regarded as a solid investment capable to offer protection against a multitude of risks such as market declines, banking failures, credit default and even political turmoil. One of the main reasons for such a widespread trust stems from the fact that this precious metal has been used for centuries as a means of exchange and as a universal currency.

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