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LIVE Pour Party #17

Cash For Gold – Avail Monetary Help Through Your Asset

Cash for gold offers fiscal assistance to a person who is not able to meet his needs due to some or the other reason. You can easily get finance in exchange of your gold jewelry. You need to apply online.

Investing In All Sorts Of Minerals

Let’s admit that gold is first of all a passion, it has always been. Processed or raw, its glitters have wondered the human kind since immemorial times. These glitters also transformed it into the most precious asset one used to have and he who came up with the idea of labeling gold as “investment” created one of the biggest commercial markets ever.

The Risk of Being a Conservative Investor (Part 2 of 2)

In a previous article I wrote about how the manipulation and fraud from the US government and the banking sector has turned investing upside down. The government with their “zero interest rate policy” (ZIRP) has turned “Conservative Investors” into the high-risk gamblers of 2011. I want to finish my thoughts about how the risk of being a conservative investor has never been so high. All the investors who have purchased municipal bond [funds] because they were told a municipal bond is one of the safest investments in the world are unfortunately getting hurt badly right now.

Why The Gold/Silver Ratio Tells Us Silver Is Undervalued

As gold grabs the headlines as the main commodity used to hedge against bad or volatile economic times, silver has quietly made people tons of profits under the table, and right now is another excellent time for investors to consider the dark horse. Historically, gold and silver have maintained a certain price ratio with each other, and this ratio can very easily be used to determine the true value of the other, or if one or the other commodity is over or undervalued.

How Return of Investments is Realized in Gold Coins Ventures

For people who have keen interest in putting up some money to invest in gold coins, their first concern is on understanding how they profit from the said investment. If you buy gold bullion coins, you should first know the history of its price rates.

How Much Gold and Silver Are Actually in Numis Network Coins?

There is a new network marketing company that deals in graded gold and silver numismatic coins called Numis Network. But how much actual gold and silver are in these coins?

Factors That Affect The Price of Gold

Many individuals evaluate the gold price for each troy ounce similarly to how they look at the stock market. It’s very hard to figure out what will cause the variances by just studying the investment models. The gold prices are generally linked to several primary variables in reality.

How To Assess The Rate Of Gold With Current Market Trends

Are you aware of the gold rate nowadays? It is currently up by 22% for this year. What is the reason for this?

Gold and Silver’s Meteoric Rise To Continue

I do not take pleasure in the pain that so many Americans are in right now. The middle class of this country is on their knees and begging. Unfortunately this is not going to change until the leaders of our country change their approach of ‘tax – borrow – spend’. Most people’s investment accounts have another seven hard years of pain, this is on the back of the past 10 years of pain most people have suffered. No country in the history of the world has kept its greatness by deficit spending, market manipulation and currency printing. Countries grow and keep their greatness by allowing their citizens to innovate, fail and have access to free markets. Basically, the only thing that is left from that list is innovation.

Watch Gold And Silver Coins And High Grade Ore Climb The Charts With Value In The Near Future

Investors are not just watching and sitting on the sidelines, they are rushing to get into the gold and silver market as fast as they can. One reason is because these precious metals are running out in the world in large quantities.

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