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Bullion vs. Semi-Numismatics vs. Numismatics EXPLAINED!


Has Gold Hit a Bottom?

Gold prices have been hit hard lately, but they may have hit a bottom. See why now is a great time to buy gold cheap, and discover why the precious metal is the perfect insurance against economic collapse.

Confidence in Gold Over Fiat Currencies in the Current Global Economy

Are you confident in today’s economy? If not, do you have a portion of your investments in precious metals?

The Money System, Why Money Is Not Stable and Why You Should Buy Silver

How is money made? Why is it a bad investment?

Guide On How To Sell Gold Jewelry

When you are strapped of cash the easiest way to get money is to sell your gold jewelry-get cash for gold. The price of gold has been on upward trend and there are many advertisements flooding newspapers, internet, radio and television from gold buyers. To get the most from your gold jewelry you need to be very cautious and follow the right channels.

Good News for Gold

According to industry insiders, 2015 will be the peak year for gold production. But such production can’t be sustained; and as supply drops off, gold prices are set to soar…

8 Reasons Why Silver Is a Better Investment Than Gold

The silver price has been manipulated and kept artificially low for years. The United States used to have the largest strategic stockpile in the world – in excess of 3 billion ounces. Today we hold essentially zero. This presents an investment opportunity of a lifetime. Actually, it is more likely that silver today is the greatest investment opportunity in the history of the world.

Do You Know When to Sell Your Gold and Silver?

The age old questions that many people ask both themselves and us is, “When should I sell?”, or “Is now the time to sell?” As you might already guess, there is no simple pat answer to either of those questions. In the big picture, one must understand the three comprehensive market cycles.

Understanding the Gold Silver Ratio and How to Swap

Did you know you can us the Gold Silver Ratio to benefit and maximize the amount of gold and silver you own? Here we show you how to use the Gold Silver Ratio to double your ounces at no extra cost to you!

How the Smart Investors Buy Gold and Silver

Tips from a well reputed dealer on how to make sure that you buy your gold and silver wisely. A simple list of do’s and don’ts for the wise investor.

6 Tips on Selecting a Gold and Silver Dealer

Are you thinking about buying gold and silver? Make sure you are diligent in selecting a reputable gold and silver dealer. Precious metals dealers should meet a specific list of criteria before you buy from them or sell to them.

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