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Will Silver Prices Go Vertical in 2021?

Pawning Gold: Turn Your Old Gold Into New Cash

With gold prices hitting more than $1400 per ounce, many people are looking to sell unwanted gold coins and jewelry. How do you get the most for your gold? Where do you find the best value and the best deal? Learn how to sell and pawn gold.

Buy Silver and Assure Yourself on the Right Track to Success

Do you imagine yourself having a hassle-free life after retirement? Effective planning is the key. Try investing your money in certain valuable assets. You can invest in silver and you will have no regret doing it so.

Who Is Investing In Gold?

In times of recession gold doesn’t register a price diminishing, but it is one of the few commodities which have an increasing cost in these periods. The reason is simple. While people give up a large amount of the goods they used to buy, they direct their money towards an asset which is known as a rather safe investment.

Some Facts About The Gold Dollar

The gold dollar finds its origins back in the 1830s during the Carolina Gold Rush, when a German immigrant named Alt Christoph Bechtler or Christopher Bechtler came up with the idea of making the exchange by offering gold coins instead of raw gold. Bechtler issued gold coins by making his own equipment and presses, thus producing the first gold dollars in the United States.

Glittering Gold For Dark Days

Gold is considered a very popular investment. From ancient times this yellow metal has been used both as a means of exchange and as a universal currency. Such aspects make gold a valuable part of the human culture and a priceless commodity

What Are The Hard Assets?

A good investor always knows where money goes and where to invest it. And that is an essential quality, especially nowadays when economy is so sensitive and unpredictable. The crisis that struck worldwide proved that in order to be successful in business you must make safe investments and follow attentively the market tendencies.

Inflation: The Guest That Won’t Leave

Inflation is characteristic to the economies based on paper currency. Countries whose economies are supported by no physical commodity are typically the most affected by such a phenomenon. This is because the value of paper-based currency is given through government regulation or law.

The Effect China Had On Gold

The limited alternatives for secure investments made gold investments a good business. China followed this example and now the demand for gold investments increased by 70% in this country. Chinese are buying so much gold that the local producers can’t face the demand.

Why Investing In Silver Is A Sound Idea

Much of the attention these days has centered on Gold and its ever-increasing price rise. On the other hand Silver has not received that much attention and without much fanfare or publicity has double in price in one year.

The Krugerrand Truly Is A Unique Gold Coin

The Krugerrand is the official gold bullion coin of South Africa. Following its 1967 debut in the international gold market, the Krugerrand became one of the most famous and well-known gold bullion coins on earth. If you are pondering making an investment in gold, there are a number of excellent reasons to take a look at these coins. You are probably asking yourself what makes the Krugerrand unique and special. You can find many excellent reasons to put money into Krugerrands, and I’m going to cover a few of them here.

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