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Why You NEED to Be Buying Gold NOW

What Was The Gold Standard?

The gold standard was a way fixing the price of the domestic currency against a particular amount of gold. So, when a country adopted this standard, all the money, including bank deposits and paper notes, could be converted to gold at a fixed price.

How Much Money Do I Need To Start An Investment?

Getting started in investing is something that makes a lot of people nervous. They worry about the potential of losing all their money, making bad decisions, or possibly even being scammed. Another major concern is that they think they need a lot of money to get started that’s why “how much money do I need to start investing” is such a common question.

First Time Investing Is The Key To Move Your Finances Forward

The richest people in the world make their money in a variety of ways; however, one of the primary things they all have in common is making smart investments. Now, you don’t have to have a lot of money to invest, but you do need to be willing to put some of your money to work for you. First time investing tends to make people somewhat nervous, but that doesn’t have to be the case.

Is It Wise To Invest In Silver Right Now?

With the economy only getting weaker, some people are still asking if investing in silver and gold is a wise move? Although Obama keeps preaching on how the economy is getting better, this is nothing more than a set of lies to give you a false sense of hope. So can silver really be your saviour?

Silver Investing – Is the US Government Another Silver Lining?

The silver investing outlook is bullish for the first decade of the 21st century. That bullish outlook is based primarily on the expectation of high inflation in the U.S. The high inflation is the result of the sharp increase in the number of U.S. dollars in circulation. If the federal government reigns in deficit spending and decreases the money supply, inflation can be tamed and catastrophe averted. With inflation in control, the outlook for silver investing turns bearish. The U.S. debt ceiling and budget process might be heralded as a great success, but in the end, it is one more reason to be bullish on silver.

Investing In Silver Is A Popular Investment Strategy

Investing in silver, gold and other precious commodities is more popular than ever these days. Here’s a look at the advantages of this investment strategy.

Silver Bullion for Sale – Get the Best Prices

When you want to buy 1 oz silver bars or silver in any form weighing an ounce, you should do some comparison shopping to find the best possible price. Although the market price fluctuates on a daily basis in a similar way to the stock market, different dealers offer various prices over the spot price. Some dealers may offer silver at a percentage over the going price, while others sell their silver at a certain dollar amount over the spot price.

The Economic Role of Gold: A Brief Essay on How Gold Has Shaped Our Economy

Gold has significantly shaped the history of man, his economics and his over all perception of life to being a simple hunter gatherer to a man who is driven by the power of capitalism and understands the value of wealth and its possession. Gold when discovered nearly 40,000 years ago when Paleolithic man picked up a piece of rock which had gold deposits in it. Gold had never helped man develop tools of his early needs like arrows or spears or even for agricultural…

How to Invest in Silver

Precious metals, like silver, can be used as investments in a number of ways. Since silver cannot be spent as a form of currency today, it can be a good way to “store of value,” that can be redeemed later. The reason precious metal is considered as a good investment is that they usually retain their value or even increase in value over time.

An Overview of Spread Betting Gold

The presence of spread betting gold has enabled the market to progress over the last twelve months. Capital movements are very fast using this method because the US economy in general is failing to recover from the recession. A speculative approach has attracted many people who simply have no business being part of the scheme.

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