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Why Invest in Gold? Why do it Now?

What Is Online Trading of Gold?

Online trading of gold is one of the many forms of currency trading. This kind of trading is much like trading anything else on the market such as silver or oil. However, when it comes to trading these commodities, it is essential that you are able to differentiate between them.

The Top Five Reasons to Start Investing in Gold

After consolidating for the past year, gold’s price is trading in a narrow range and poised for a breakout. Here are five top reasons why gold’s price is probably going higher.

Gold Price Set To Double By Year’s End – 6 Reasons Why

In November the next Presidential Election for the US is quickly approaching. The Mayan “end of the world” prophecy for December 12th is closing in. These and other reasons are fuel to which feed upon gold’s value to propel its price towards ever reaching highs at an ever increasing rate.

Cash For Coins: Is It A Lucrative Business?

Ever heard of cash for coins? This can really be a good idea especially when you are no longer using your old coins. You need to watch for fake coins and you also need to manage your expectations that selling them may be a challenging and tedious process especially when it is your first time to consider such a decision. You need to be aware of the things that can affect the value of your coins. You need to improve your coin grading skills so you can keep up with the competitions of the market. Remember that the prices of these coins usually go up and down depending on the market.

Earth’s Silver Supply – Much More Limited Than Gold

The dynamics of the current precious metals bull market today is totally different than the previous bull market of the 1980’s. This time around the bull market has gone global.

Should You Buy Gold Coins From Online Stores or From Banks?

Gold coins are a good investment as they not only help you to save your money, but also allow you to earn from your savings. You can buy gold coins either from online stores or purchase them from banks and other financial institutions.

Case for Gold Dinar Idea

The implementation of the gold-silver money should go simultaneously with the fiat money system so that the public is given a choice. People should be given the freedom to choose their money without any one being forced to accept one kind of money over others.

Avoid This Pitfall When Financing Your Coin Collection (Have You Made This Mistake Yet?)

Do you purchase your coins with credit cards? For many years I had the motto “If you have to borrow money to have something, you can’t afford it”. I lived by this axiom until I started collecting coins.

How to Ensure You Purchase Authentic Antique Silverware

Antique silverware collecting became immensely popular during the 19th century and the fascination continues today as collectors seek beautiful pieces from the periods they are most interested in or indeed from all of them. Whether your interest lies in silver from the Georgian, Victorian, Edwardian or any other period, you will know that hallmarks represent the date, silversmith and place in which the silver piece was made.

Krugerrand Investment Coins – The First Ones Produced

The South African Krugerrand is arguably the most popular gold bullion coin in the world, renowned for its elegant and instantly recognisable design. Most numismatists and coin collectors know that back in 1967, it was also the first bullion coin ever produced.

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