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When to Stop Stacking Silver

Buying Gold and Silver In Today’s World – What to Look for and What to Avoid – Article 3 of 5

There is one major problem in finding out where to buy these certified and authenticated coins. Actually there are two problems.

Buying Gold and Silver In Today’s World – What to Look for and What to Avoid – Article 2 of 5

Why should the general public buy certified coins instead of bullion coins? The simple answer is that the trend is moving for assurance and protection of your assets. If overall protection and peace of mind is a concern at all, let’s discuss history.

Buying Gold and Silver In Today’s World – What to Look for and What to Avoid – Article 1 of 5

What are the different forms of gold and silver purchases that can be made besides jewelry? You can buy raw metal or ore. That is usually panning or digging for the metal and, actually, it’s just not practical for most of us so it is best left for those who really have a lot of time on their hands and love to physically work very hard. You could own securities like stocks in mines or companies that concentrate in these areas.

Should We Start Using Gold As Currency Once Again?

With the current global economic crisis, people live difficult times. The financial decline has caused numerous problems so far and they keep coming each day. Many people around us continue to lose their businesses, their jobs, their income or assets. Even when they don’t lose their entire income, the family’s financial stability is seriously threatened.

Should You Invest In Generic Or Name-Brand 10 Oz Silver Bars?

You’ve decided to invest in 10 oz silver bars – good for you! These silver bars are a great investment for several reasons…

Should You Be Buying Silver Coins or Selling Them?

If you usually follow the crowd when it comes to how to spend your money you may think that now is a good time to buy silver coins. There are lots of other people doing it and plenty of stores willing to buy your silver if you want to sell it. This should make you think twice though – why do they want it so badly?

Junk Silver Coins – A Wise Silver Investing Strategy

Many investors are looking at Junk Silver coins for diversifying their precious metals portfolios. Offered in 90% and 40% purity bags, buying Junk Silver is quickly becoming the most ideal silver investing strategy.

Why One Should Sell Gold Jewelry Now – Reasons Beyond the Obvious

Gold has been capturing looks since forever so, besides the obvious it looks “good” and “it’s expensive”, here are a few good reasons why one should sell gold jewelry now! Emotional versus material – why one should sell gold jewelry now if the material value is stronger First of all, it is up to the owners of the gold jewelries to decide whether their symbolic meaning is more valuable than money or not. If your answer is “NO”, then one of the best reasons why one should sell gold jewelry now is that there is always an opportunity to buy new ones, closer to their actual preferences.

The Moment To Invest In Gold

There are multiple reasons for which to invest in gold, the easiest to grasp being its rather constant purchasing power: one could buy now more or less the same products that one could buy 20 or 50 years ago with the same amount of gold, if indexed to current prices. But whereas fifty years ago, a movie ticket cost you under one dollar, now it costs you ten. So gold is definitely a reliable protection against long-term inflation.

Why Invest in Gold Today?

Today is the best time to buy gold. This year gold has rise more than 25%. It’s not uncommon to see gold reach high record this year. And it will still reach a new record in the future. There are many reasons for this.

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