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What if Silver Stackers Got it WRONG?

Rare American Coin Collecting Resources for Serious Collectors

I have written other articles giving coin collecting advice to collectors with certain budgets for their gold and silver rare coins. Now, I have some advice for pretty much everyone in the hobby.

Silver Rare American Coins From the Year 1921

What were they thinking in 1921 when they minted 87,736,473 Morgan and Peace silver dollars, but left nothing for collectors of other silver coins to collect. The 3 US mints struck 86,730,000 Morgan silver dollars. By contrast to striking so incredibly many silver dollars that year, they struck almost no dimes, quarters or half dollars.

Is It Advisable To Invest In Silver And Gold? Uncover The Facts

This article focuses on the key aspects of why people should invest in gold. Paper currencies will eventually fail, which is why we must all invest in something that will continue to maintain its worth like precious metals, because the have done so throughout the course of history.

Buy Low Sell High – Gold Going Up – Grand Cross Coming

Gold has dropped in price over recent months while many stock markets have posted all-time highs. What’s going on? Vast amounts of money have been pumped into the system, the media wants us to believe that we are out of a global recession and people are beginning to believe them! Investors are looking for yields on their money as interest rates are at almost zero in most western countries and they are turning to the stock markets for leverage on their funds. How long is this pattern likely to continue?

Rare American Coin Collecting For Those With Bigger Budgets

19th century silver coins in Almost Uncirculated (AU) grades are good for collectors of rare American coins with more than a $500/coin average budget. Since my niche is gold and silver, I can only speak toward silver American rare coins. I like the precious metal value of silver and gold coins as well as their numismatic value.

The Gold IRA Rollover Process Explained

Considering a gold IRA rollover to protect your retirement portfolio? Precious metals investments may be the answer for most investors concerned about protecting their retirement accounts.

Are You a Coin Collector or Coin Hoarder?

A silver or gold coin hoarder and silver or gold coin collector have very different motives for what he or she does. Where do you fit in, and which is better?

Why You Should Buy Silver Now Before the Price Goes Crazy High

The price of silver had an ugly, brutal crash over the last couple of years. If we haven’t reached a bottom yet, we soon will. The price is low; now is the time to buy. The inflation adjusted price of silver is well over $100, so we’ve got a long rise ahead of us. Find out more about the most potentially profitable investment you might ever make.

About the Fall of Gold and Silver Prices

The fall of gold and silver prices have left them in their lows. This is primarily due to recent actions of several companies and hedge funds. One thousand tons of gold was sold from the SPDR gold trust (ETF) in only three months. There was also a major bear raid that occurred in April, 2013. It involved about 500 tons of gold being sold from banks and hedge funds. The two main banks involved were Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan Chase. The net supply in the market is on average only 10 tons a day, and due to this massive wave of selling, it caused the fall of gold and silver prices.

Rare American Coin Collecting and Investing, the Saver Versus the Spender

Savers usually marry spenders. Why? I don’t know. Maybe it’s so they can have continual battles over money. Are money management styles interfering with your investment strategies?

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