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Trading Silver for Gold – WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW!

My 2012 Gold Forecast

There are many variables that go into a forecast or prediction. Sometimes unforeseen events can play a major factor in the price movement of a commodity, including the price of gold in 2012. What price could gold reach in 2012? This article will give you answers.

The Australian Silver Kookaburra Coin Series

In 1990, the Perth Mint in Australia released the first coin in this wonderful series. As the name suggests each coin that has been released depicts the “KOOKABURRA” bird, with a new design every year.

Silver Investing Tips – How Supply and Demand Effects the Price of Silver

Supply and Demand keep Silver prices in constant motion. In this article we will view how the demand in the silver market is evolving and how to determine the price of silver just be looking at its Supply and Demand Model. Here’s a small hint, Silver is a Buy and we can show you why.

Central Banks Favour High Gold Prices

Gold prices are climbing on the back of a weak dollar; however, for once banks appear to want much higher hold prices, which is strange considering how until now they have done everything in their power to keep them down. Although gold prices have risen steadily for 11 years in a row, the increases have been incremental and measured. Governments have used paper futures markets and their central banks to limit the rally of precious metals as much as possible in order to keep attention away from their own failing currencies and unsustainable debt.

Private Gold And Silver – Who Owns Yours?

With so many people now trying to get their hands on private gold and silver the question comes up – what should I get? There are coins, bars, numismatics (collectible coins) jewelry etc. There are a number of factors to take into consideration, and I believe one of the biggest is – Who Owns It?

Private Gold And Silver Versus Fiat Currency

In times of economic uncertainty like we’re faced with today, making a case for owning private gold and silver isn’t very difficult. More and more people are coming to the realization that our paper dollars are just a symbolic representation of value, but really have no true value whatsoever. Until August 15, 1971 at least those dollars had the backing of real money – GOLD.

Silver Investing – The Year-End Gold to Silver Ratio And What It Means

The prices of gold and silver closed at $1,531 and $28.18 per troy ounce respectively on December 30, 2011. Those prices resulted in a ratio of gold price to silver price of 54:1. The 2010 year-end ratio was 45:1. In April of 2011 the ratio hit a multi-decade low of 31. In 2010 and early 2011 there was much written about the gold-to-silver price ratio. In the latter half of 2011…not so much. Silver crashed and did not recover. What does this unexpected turn of events mean for silver investing?

A Brief Guide for Potential Gold Buyers

Are you considering buying gold for long-term investments? Many people today prefer buying gold online because of convenience. This article provides more information about gold trade and investment.

What Are the Best Ways to Determine Gold Bullion Coin Value?

For those new to investing in gold, things can get confusing pretty fast. How can the value of a coin be accurately determined? Well, here’s a solid method to use before making your final decision.

Gold Price Predictions for 2012

It is a known fact that gold continues to be one of the most attractive commodities as far as investment and hedging against inflation is concerned. After the major economic debacle in 2008 people have started losing faith in stocks, shares and mutual funds and they would rather be happy investing in gold. This has indeed resulted in the spurt in gold prices over the least 4 to 5 years.

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