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Top 5 Gold Coins for 2021

How To Identify Counterfeit Gold And Silver Coins

As gold and silver continues to rise in value the counterfeit industry is becoming increasingly more aggressive and its getting harder to identify fakes. This article will help you identify counterfeited gold and silver coins, by providing you simple test for validating its authenticity.

Should You Collect Indian Gold Coins?

Gold has always been an attraction for every Indian family. However, as the gold prices seem to be changing on a daily basis; most of the Indians are now spending their hard-earned money on buying gold jewelry, bonds, or coins. Among these, coins are preferred by most of the Indian families.

5 Steps to Being a Happy Goldbug

In light of the recent gold price fall, we provide you with 5 ways to stay positive about gold investment. Look out for key things to avoid when it comes to gold.

Who Are the Top 5 Silver Commentators?

Are you considering silver investment and unsure who to turn to for some good commentary? Perhaps you’re just curious about the industrial precious metal. To help you I’ve compiled a list of some of the top 5 silver commentators.

Foreign Gold Storage Just Got Harder To Obtain

With the state of today’s economy many people and investors are looking for gold options in other jurisdictions. Today, that just became more difficult if you happen to be an American citizen.

Gold and Silver Is Real Money

A couple of weeks ago, I gave a presentation here in Calgary about Gold and Silver, and why you might want to go out and acquire some. Why Gold and Silver? As you can see by watching the video below, the only real money the world has ever recognized over time is gold and silver. The paper stuff (or actually plastic here in Canada now) that we carry around isn’t really money – it’s currency. And currency only has value if people continue to recognize it as a medium of exchange.

What To Know About Gold And Silver

Here are the answers to some common questions about owning physical gold and silver. Frequently Asked Questions About Gold And Silver 1. Why would I want to buy Privately Minted Gold and Silver Bullion, and not Government-Issued Coins from my local bank? With the majority of coins being Government mint, by law you are just the bearer of the coin. In some cases coins will appear to be private but are in fact still owned by the Government. If you hold private bullion, you are the owner of the coin, and therefore can potentially avoid events like the confiscation of bullion, as it happened in 1933.

Rare American Coins and Aluminum As a Precious Metal

A friend commented to me one time that he thought gold and silver would go the way of aluminum. After all, aluminum was once considered a precious metal. I did some research on it and found out he was right. Here’s a quick synopsis of what I found and why I disagree with his conclusion.

Different Ways to Invest Money in Gold

With financial chaos prevailing around, people are in constant search for new investment options which could hedge them against inflation. Investing money on shares can be risky because you never know when share market crashes down whereas for fixed assets like land, liquidation is a major concern.

How To Start A Silver Investment Club For Fun And Profit

In the current economic environment, owning precious metals is a smart way to balance your portfolio. And silver, in particular, may be the opportunity of a lifetime. Here’s a creative and fun way to start your own silver buying club.

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