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Silver Stacking Explained – Why You Should Stack Silver NOW!

What You Need To Know About Small Gold Bars

Small gold bars are bars that come in 1, 2, 2.5, 5, 10, and 20 gram sizes. Due to their small sizes, these bars are usually cheap and easy to ship. If you are looking for gold to invest in, these are not the best options to go for. As an investor you should go for bars that are at least one kilo in size.

4 Great Ways Of Investing In Gold

If you have wanted to invest in gold, here are some of the ways in which you can invest in this precious metal: Physical gold investment Physical gold is held by most central banks and it’s unaffected by inflation. Experts say that you should treat this investment like your insurance policy. This is because it saves you during a rainy day. Just like you can’t trade your insurance policy, you should not trade your gold investment.

Rare American Coins and How to Spot an Altered Morgan Silver Dollar

The vast majority of Morgan dollar counterfeits are altered specimens of less expensive issues to mimic the low supply, high demand counterparts. Determining whether the coin you’re looking at is real or phony, is fairly easy when you know what to look for.

Rare American Coins, Do You Own Any With Problems?

As coin collectors, we are often told to stay away from “problem” rare US or world coins, and silver or gold eagles. What are “problem coins”, and why should we stay away from them? Here are some of my observations in the area of those pesky “problem coins”.

7 Tips for Selling Silver or Gold Bullion When the Time Comes

When it comes to liquidating your precious metal assets, timing the sale for the highest returns is more important than buying them at the lowest prices. Your precious metals plan needs to include their sale as well as their acquisition.

Prepper Checklist

How to keep your money hidden out in the open. Avoid theft or confiscation.

American Gold Coin Value and the Likelihood of Government Confiscation

If you’ve visited a few gold selling websites, you might be under the impression that the most imminent threat to the few remaining Americans interested in saving and investing is gold confiscation. But, is gold confiscation really very likely?

The End of the U.S. Dollar: 7 Reasons Why You Should Start Investing in Precious Metals Today

Financial security is not guaranteed in today’s world. With the U…

Rare American Coins and Why Are Some Referred to As Sliders?

I hear the term “slider” tossed around the numismatic community pretty freely. I’ve heard it in so many contexts that I decided to see if there is any standard accepted meaning, because slider isn’t an official grading term.

The 4 Best Ways Of Investing in Gold

If you are interested in investing in gold, here are excellent ways in which you can invest in the precious metal:Direct ownership. Here you buy gold and keep it in your house. The main advantage of buying and keeping the gold is that it doesn’t lose its value. Although, the metal’s price is very volatile over the short term, it tends to retain its value over the long run. This is unlike money whose value greatly changes depending on the economic status of the country or the world at large.

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