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Canadian Maple Leaf Coin – Right Source of Investing Money

Investing in gold will always yield better returns when compared with other forms of investment. There are several ways to buy gold such as gold coins, bar gold and gold jewelry.

The 5 Best Ways to Cash in on Gold

One of the best performing assets in the last couple of years is gold, and that’s no coincidence. The precious metal is seen by many as the ultimate store of wealth. For thousands of years, gold has been recognized as a store of wealth that transcends governments and civilizations. This article will look at how we can go about trading gold and the different ways in which you can do so.

Silver Bullion Investing

Silver bullion looks very appealing in the current economy. Is now the time to buy into silver, or have you missed the boat?

Gold Has Resumed Its Glitter!

Gold plunged $340 an ounce from its high in August to its low of $1,592 in late September. Here’s why I think its new attempt to rally will have legs.

Finding the Market Value of Gold Filled Items

With the value of gold reaching historically high prices and the demand for gold continuing to soar, even gold filled items have a reasonably worthwhile market value! Luckily for you, finding the market value of gold filled items is actually quite simple.

Why Gold?

People instinctively know Gold is really money, here is a great example for you. If you were to give a child the option of 2 treasure chests, one full of paper currency and another full of Gold coins, which do you think the child would pick? You’ve got it, children always pick the treasure chest full of Gold. We instinctively know that Gold has value, its been used as a store of wealth for over 5000 years. In fact 5000 years ago an ounce of Gold would buy you a suit of clothing, 1000 years ago an ounce of Gold would buy you a suit of clothing…. and today, you’ve guessed it, with Gold trading at $1790, an ounce of Gold still buys you a suit of clothing.

Further Instability in the Euro Zone Causes Gold Prices to Break $1,800 Barrier

Gold is now trading back at around $1,780 after steadily recovering from its crash to below $1,600 an ounce and then breaking the $1,800 barrier again yesterday after the Euro zone focus shifted to Italy. Everybody is aware that there is still no answer as of yet to the Euro Zone’s problems. Every time another half hearted idea appears to be agreed, there is another spanner thrown in works and we are right back at square one again; still faced with the ultimate question, will Greece default or not?

Frequently Asked Questions For Those Who Sell Gold

If you are in the market to sell gold, you may be considering selling your gold online. This is a smart move, but it can be confusing. There are many factors to consider when choosing what gold to sell and who to sell it to.

Fair Market Value for Your Gold

With the rough economy there never seems to be enough money to go around. Consider the gold items that you have lying around your house that can add cash to your pocket now.

Gold and Silver Confiscation – Is It Possible For Gold and Silver To Be Confiscated?

Are you considering investing in gold and silver but are concerned that it may be confiscated by the government and you will lose your investment? That is certainly a valid concern, but before you make a gold and silver investment decision based on the confiscation question, it’s best to learn the facts so you can make an educated and informed decision. This article reviews the “confiscation question” and gives some great insights on the subject.

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