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Silver Price is Down! Gold Investing vs. Silver Investing Explained

This Is The Best Time To Sell Gold

You may notice this but lot of pawnshops and jewelry stores now are buying gold jewelries because they can make more turnovers from them. Melting the gold can turn it into a brand new jewelry with a fresher and newer look. There are a lot to learn in selling gold, and it’s now time for you to start learning for more income and earnings.

Salvation Gold And Silver

Gold and silver are real money. In the classical sense of the word they are your economic salvation. This has been their function and purpose for thousands of years. Unfortunately, most people will choose to ignore every sign and every piece of evidence that the world has changed and we must act in accordance with our real reality. Please don’t be one of them.

The History of Buying Gold Bullion As an Investment

Buying gold bullion as an investment is a method of using real money to create real wealth dating back to the dawn of civilization. In this article I discuss the history of buying gold as an investment and methods in which a modern investor can make a direct investment in gold.

Investing in Silver As the Silver Spot Price Rises

The silver value has soared to its highest silver spot price in three decades. The outlook for silver prices depends on which expert you talk to. Some are expecting a major pull back in price before continuing on to test a price of $50 this year. Others look at an adjusted for inflation price of $130 per ounce. Another issue driving gold and silver prices is the high demand by nation states.

Is Silver The New Gold

These days investors have quite a bit to worry about. The economy is recovering very slow, inflation is a real threat and there is a growing level of competition from foreign economies. For most investors, during times of uncertainty they opt to purchase precious metals such as gold and silver.

Is Silver A Smart Investment

For whatever reasons, silver has always been considered to be second place to gold. Many believe that it is just not as profitable. But lately, silver is gaining a whole new level of respect.

5 Reasons Silver Is A Great Investment

In the first two months of 2011, the US Mint sold as many dollars of silver as it did dollars of gold. The Chinese demand alone is up 20%. They now import 112 million ounces.

5 Reasons You Should Invest In Gold

The US dollar is already very weak and it will probably continue to fall. However, countries all over the world are refusing to believe that the dollar is falling. Because of this global currency is losing its value which will cause gold to rise significantly.

The Top 5 Reasons Gold Is A Smart Investment

For the most part we all understand how money works on a basic level. But very few of us understand how it works at a very high financial level. I think it is very apparent to all of us that the current money system in the US has some serious problems.

10 Reasons To Buy Gold NOW!

If you look at history, you will see that Gold always preserves its value even when there is a economic depression and the national currency, in this case the dollar, loses its value. Allocating a portion of your investments to Gold is almost like an insurance policy as it protects you from inflation. The price of Gold will continue to climb as the dollar continues to lose its value.

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