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The Silver American Eagle Is a Beautiful Investment

Similar to the Gold American Eagle, the Silver American Eagle is just as stunning and a worthwhile coin to add to one’s portfolio. Silver coins have been circulating for a number of decades and even centuries for that matter. However, the American Eagle represents one way to own quality silver and a beautiful coin at the same time.

The Hobby of Kings – Numismatic Coins

Famously known as “The hobby of Kings” coin collecting has been enjoyed for centuries. You might also hear the word “Numismatics” associated with coin collecting. What you say is Numismatics? Read more to find out.

Why Investing in Precious Metals Is So Important in Today’s Economy

Based on the current financial global economic crunches, investing in printed money has proved to be a waste of resources since printed money is losing value fast! Other terms for printed money would be fiat, currency, and the dollar. Investing in gold and other precious metals such as silver has re-energized an ancient tradition that has been passed down to us since even now precious metals are still more valuable than most things.

The Silver American Eagle Proof Coin Is Certainly a Collector’s Item

One of the results of the American Bullion act was the issue of the Silver Eagle Proof coin. Silver Eagle Proofs are some of the most beautiful coins to collect and are the same size a weight as the bullion Silver Eagle.

The Fractional Gold American Eagle May Be Smaller But Is Just As Collectible

Looking for a way to invest in gold but feel the price is out of your reach? Take a look at the fractional gold eagles produced by the U.S. Mint.

The Gold American Eagle Coin Is a Must Have for Any Coin Collection

American gold coins are almost as old as the United States herself. The first gold coins were minted in 1795 and are as popular today as they were yesteryear. However, the American Gold Eagle gold bullion was not released until 1986 with the approval of the United States congress.

Gold Demand Will Return

India is the world’s largest consumer of gold. Their gold imports increased 50% in 2011 to nearly 1,000 tons while they produced merely 2 tons. This extreme imbalance between production and consumption means that Indian consumers must buy gold on the global market.

Find a Gold Buyer for Fast Money

Getting loans from banks can be very difficult and time-consuming. Going to the bank is not advisable for people who need cash in times of emergencies. Pawnshops offer fast loans in exchange for gold or jewelry.

How Are Gold and Silver Prices Determined?

Gold and Silver prices are calculated on certain supply and demand factors. In this article, I will discuss the basic factors of how precious metal pricing is affected by these factors.

Royal Mint Proof Boxes – What Year, What Box?

The first modern Royal Mint gold proof sovereign was issued in 1979 and the Mint have issued one every year since. Since 1817, Benedetto Pistrucci’s famous portrayal of St. George and the dragon has primarily featured on the reverse of the gold sovereign, with the exception of a few dates.

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