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Silver Dragons LIVE Auction Night #35

Silver Prices to Climb Up: Couer D’Alene Mines Corp

According to the report of Mitchell Krebs, CEO of Couer d’Alene Mines Corp, which is the largest silver miner in the United States, the prices on silver will continue to climb up because of economic ambiguity and production turn down. Krebs said “As long as we see things like the EU (Euro zone currency turmoil) and as long as we run the kind of deficits here, neither of which we see being cleaned up in the short-term, those two things will continue to be positive backdrops for gold and silver”. He added that silver prices will go…

How to Collect Numismatic Coins and Secure Your Financial Future

Do you want to know how to guarantee your Financial Future, do you want to learn how to collect numismatic coins and double your money? You might be saying, “What is Numismatics and why should I collect numismatic coins?” The word “numismatic” means the study and collecting of money. Numismatic coins are legal tender coins that are sought after by collectors. These include everything from the ancient coins used as currency from the beginning of civilization, to the official coins minted by the Roman Empire; all the way through to today’s modern issue silver and gold coins produced by the world’s government mints. Every hour 11 million numismatic coins change hands globally. Did you know that over 70% of all people worldwide have a coin collection.

Selling Your Surplus Gold for Cash – The Time Couldn’t Be Better

If you’re running low on funds are looking for quick money-making options, selling your unwanted gold may be a viable option for you. We answer some common gold-selling questions and provide tips on how to get the best price for your gold.

Coin Collecting Software – What To Look For

As a coin collector or numismatist one of the big challenges can be managing your collection in an efficient and accurate way. This short article discusses what to look for when deciding on the right coin collecting software.

Coin Roll Hunting Dimes, Quarters or Half Dollars: Which Type Yields the Most Silver?

Just beginning coin roll hunting? It’s a popular activity for the coin aficionado and for bullion stackers alike. Hunters go their local banks and purchase boxed up rolls of coin at the prospect of making big on bullion metals or rare varieties, the possibilities are endless.

Coin Roll Hunting As a Source to Finding Rare Coins and Precious Metals – Buy Silver at Face Value!

It’s no easy task finding ways to take advantage of a hot precious metals market like Silver or Gold. With it’s high prices and limited availability, treasure hunters who are just now hitting the search button are beginning to feel discouraged simply because there is less and less of the valuable metals at a reasonable cost. One hotbed of activity is the simple task of what treasure seekers dub “coin roll hunting” or CRH for short. Folks head over to their local banks and obtain full boxes of rolled coins in denominations of cents, nickels, dimes, quarters and half dollars. Here’s how the process works and what gains can be made as a result of coin roll hunting.

Coin Software – How Can It Help Your Coin Collection Value?

If you have or intend to have more than 100 coins in your collection, it’s smart to consider purchasing coin software to help you manage things. Once you get over a certain number of coins it…

How To Add Silver And Gold To Your Financial Portfolio

On survival blogs and forums, buying junk silver coins is gaining momentum due to uncertainty in the financial markets. Secure your wealth by converting your dollars to gold and silver bullion coins.

How Gold Worth Per Ounce Can Be Swayed By Political Instability

For centuries, gold has been hoarded and treasured as the ultimate guarantee of wealth and prosperity and today, gold worth per ounce is seen as the most accurate barometer of the state of the world’s finances.  When wars or revolutions threaten, investors move their nest eggs into the relatively safe sanctuary of gold. This usually pushes the gold price up the chart, sometimes to peak at record-breaking highs.

How to Invest in Gold and Where to Invest in Gold – Understanding the Options

There are two main ways of investing in gold: you can buy physical gold or invest in gold financial products. From Gold Stocks, Gold ETFs, Gold Mutual Funds, Gold Mining Companies to Gold Futures. There are pros and cons of each type of investment.

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