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How to Refine Gold From Your Business Scraps and Make Money

Of all the minerals, gold is probably the more useful thanks to its diversity of special properties. Gold conducts electricity very well, it does not tarnish, it melts at low temperatures making it very easy to work, it can be drawn into wire, it can be hammered into thin sheets and it alloys with many other metals.

5 Ways to Trade Gold

How is gold traded? The financial markets offer investors a platform to trade using several financial products. Gold is a fast market commodity owing to its price volatility; usually experienced after a period of relative consolidation and price stability and securities markets reaction to the performance of the US Dollar.

How Much Is Gold Really Worth?

Everyone has an opinion as to what something is worth, whether the object of consideration is their home, a late grandfather’s pocket watch, or a specific stock. In that respect, gold is no different.

The Five Laws of Gold

The five laws of gold are the secret of sound investment and sustainable wealth creation. Follow the five laws of gold and you too can get money, keep money and make money earn more money.

The Big Picture on Small Scale Gold Mining in Zimbabwe

A case study of how the inherent potential of gold mines can be unlocked in Zimbabwe. The industry presents huge opportunities as it is heavily under capitalized and there exists massive gains for investors wishing to be the first movers.

Why Invest In Gold

Why should gold be the product that has this unique property? Most likely it is because of its history as the first form of money, and later as the basis of the gold standard that sets the value of all money. Because of this, gold confers familiarity. Create a sense of security as a source of money that always has value, no matter what. The properties of gold also explain why it does not correlate with other assets. These include stocks, bonds and oil.

Gold And Unrealistic Expectations – Gold Is Not An Investment

When gold is characterized as an investment, the incorrect assumption leads to unexpected results regardless of the logic. If the basic premise is incorrect, even the best, most technically perfect logic will not lead to results that are consistent.

Junk Silver – 3 Reasons Why It Is the Best Metal to Buy When Preparing for an Economic Crisis

The article will explain what junk silver is. It will also explain 3 reasons why it is the BEST metal to buy when preparing for economic uncertainty.

What Makes the South African Krugerrand So Popular?

Gold has preserved its value as is evident from history and has provided as an insurance against unexpected market variations and other economic crises. The South African Krugerrand is one of the world´s most popular one-ounce gold coin. It is a high-quality gold bullion coin that is avidly traded throughout the world. Krugerrands remain one of the most successful of all modern bullion issues.

Buy Gold and Silver – 3 Things You Must Know

Do you want to buy gold and silver, but you are not sure how to protect yourself? It’s a great investment when you know how to buy right. Learn the three essential ingredients for buying gold and silver safely and with confidence, so you can build a strong, secure portfolio of real authentic bullion.

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