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Fake Gold Or Real? A Few Hints and Tests

Gold is one of the most valuable metals in the world. Due to its valuable nature, the metal has attracted many unscrupulous traders who tend to sell fake gold items. The good news is that there are a number of things that you can do to ensure that you are able to differentiate real and fake gold. One of the best ways of telling the difference is by testing. Here are some best tests that you can do.

Rare American Coins and How eBay Works for Buying Them

There are plenty of people who like to eBash eBay. eBay now has the largest coin market in the world. Just about every common-rare coin is represented at some time or another. The stratospherically rare coins are still sold by the large rare coin auction formats.

Gold IRAs

Since 1997 when the Tax Payer Relief Act was enacted, individuals have been allowed to hold various precious metals including gold, silver, platinum and palladium in the form of bars, bullions or coins in their Individual Retirement Accounts. For millennia gold has been a very reliable store of value since it hardly ever loses its worth. Gold is the basis of all countries’ wealth and as such its demand keeps on rising and rising regardless of the prevailing economic conditions.

Rare American Coins and Discovering Silver Dollar Mint Errors

Discovering mint errors can be a rewarding endeavor. Mint errors add to the rarity of a silver dollar coin and help your understanding of the minting process in general.

Rare American Coins and How to Determine If They Are Mint State

A few years ago, I sent a dozen of what I considered gem coins to NGC to be graded and prove my suspicions. To my dismay, all but two came back AU 58. The two that returned in MS condition were several points lower than I thought. After bashing the graders, I set out to learn MS grading better.

Rare American Coins and Their Beginnings in the US

After the US became an independent nation, we were still using coinage from European countries as our medium of exchange. The US adopted its form of coinage based on the standards of our European heritage.

Investing in Gold – How to Secure Your Future

Unique, exquisite, and rare. Gold has been treasured as a store of value for many thousands of years. It is an essential and secure resource and it has preserved its long lasting value.

Rare American Coins and Collecting Them As an Investment

Most rare American coin collectors start their careers trying to fill in their collection as quickly as possible. There’s nothing wrong with that. It’s exciting and gives the new collector incentive to continue the pursuit. But, this isn’t the way you make money with your hobby.

The Benefits of Opening a Gold IRA Account

The American Dollar is unstable right now and wise investors are searching for a sound investment that will diversify their portfolio. Gold has always been a reliable commodity for investment, and it has risen in value for thirteen years before peeking last year. It has been suggested that at least 1/5 of a person’s portfolio consist of investments in precious metals. Gold can now even be added to an Individual Retirement Account (IRA) or gold IRA account to avoid paying heavy taxes.

Different Ways to Buy Physical Gold

There are no hard fast rules as to how to buy gold, because some decisions are going to come down to the goals and objectives of the buyer. There are a variety of options when it comes to investing in gold.

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