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Silver Bullion Vs SLV (paper silver) – Which is Better?

It Is So Easy To Get Cash For Gold

How can one sell and get cash for gold as easy as ABC? I can share a few pointers about how easy it is, but first, I will pass on to you the factors that you ought to know. When you are about to make any transactions in terms of selling your gold jewelry, you have to be extremely careful with carrying it out, most especially if you want to be paid apt to the market’s up to date worth.

Gold Investments – Will Gold Continue to Rise?

Nervous investors the world over have many questions on their minds. If there was a single question that carried more weight than many, it might be this: When considering Gold Investments – Will Gold Continue to Rise?

Investing In Silver For Today’s Rocky Times

Silver remains the best and most wise investment opportunity out there today. I expect and foresee silver approaching $45/ounce in 2011 and $100/ounce within the next few years. Learn more on why your investment portfolio can’t afford to be without it.

Gold Coins – A Good Or Bad Investment?

People today are practical enough with their money, and they tend to invest in many things. They invest in lot, property, stocks, jewelry, gold coins and many more. Things happen for a reason, and we do not know when we need extra money. That is why to invest something for the future is a wise decision.

How to Crash the Crisis With a Kinebar

Kb Gold is currently launching the Worlds First and Only online Bullion savings programme. Every adult in the world will soon be able to own and control his own bullion savings account, in much the same way as you control your bank online.

Is Silver Really A Good Investment in 2011

Many analysts have been pointing out the inflation is now starting to make it way into the system. Also the fact that silver is very undervalued. But as the price of silver skyrockets, is it still undervalued and a good investment?

How Much Is Gold Worth? Gold In 2010

2010 saw demand for gold bullion hit a 10-year high of 3812.2 tonnes. Year-on-year, this represented an increase of 9% and was slightly more than the previous peak set in 2008. What is remarkable is that even though price has soared 40% in the period 2008-2010, demand has not been heavily affected.

Secrets Of The Collapsing Dollar and Commodities

With financial markets swirling at the beginning of 2011 is there still money to be made in the commodities markets around the world. Or is this just a small pipe dream that will end bad for commodity enthusiasts? Maybe the only good sector on the global world financial markets that has a good future is commodities or commodity stocks.

Gold Buyers

How do you choose the best gold buyers? We all know gold is a valuable commodity, in bullion form and even in the form of jewellery. But did you realise, unlike almost everything else you can buy, gold is one of the only things that does not lose value…

How to Sell Your Gold Coins

The era of gold had dated back decades ago and up to now it remains a valuable asset to anyone, during the earlier times gold coins was produced as a form of currency but later on the spot value of gold had been more valuable than the currency it represents resulting to the recall of gold coins for melting and as a nation’s reserve. Many gold coins still exist today from museums to collectors and to a handful of people. If you are lucky enough to have even one or several that had been passed down to your generation…

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