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Silver AT SPOT Unboxing – What Silver Did I Get?

Why Silver Is The Investment Of The Decade!

With the economy still in turmoil and not recovering the way the US government keeps screaming at us, now is the time to sit down with your family and work out where to part any extra income, or where to invest your money for the future. Even though there has been a run up on commodities recently, there is a strong call for silver at the moment to be one of the strongest investments this decade.

Oldest Gold Artefacts

In 2008 a team of scientists who were led by an archaeologist from the University of Arizona discovered the oldest collection to date of gold artefacts found in America. The discovery indicates that early human life with limited resources still understood status symbols and their value.

Gold Prices Could Average 8% Higher in 2011

The Australian government have recently announced that gold prices could average 8% more in 2011, reaching $1320 an ounce. This is due to a hike in investment demand due to risks linked to economic growth across the globe.

China Will Surpass India In Gold Consumption

The year has just begun but the financial market shows clear signs that China is going to overtake India as far as gold consumption is regarded. Only in the previous year China managed to import close to 600 tons of gold.

Silver Investing – What’s Gold Got To Do With It?

Gold has received a little attention in the main stream investment programs. Silver is still ignored. Can silver investing enthusiasts learn anything from gold analysis?

A Brief History of the American Silver Eagle Coin

Silver Eagles are the United States’ only official silver bullion coin, and were first minted on November 24, 1986. These attractive coins are considered legal tender.

Japan And The Gold Vending Machine Production

It is true that the gold vending machines have appeared for a long time on the international market but as of lately, Japan has inaugurated the first one for the local gold consumers. The glittering gold machine has been placed in Tokyo and has been preceded by a simple ceremony marking its entry into the market. The yellow metal is not the only type of precious metal that can be bought from these machines.

Wise Move: Invest In Gold

The price of a gold ounce grew out of all our expectations. Although the worldwide economy is languishing, inflation is up, and insecurity prevails over all businesses, this glittering metal looks even more shiny and powerful.

Gold: The Old Commodity In Brand New Clothes

Some millenniums B.C. ago, gold was valued in the form of jewelry, even the gold coins used by the Egyptian pharaohs back then being perceived as ornaments and, therefore, offered as gifts. Only much later, in the sixth century B.C., gold was established as a valid monetary exchange vehicle in the form of trading coins.

Silver Investing – Is Silver Decoupling From Gold?

The past few months, the daily price moves of gold and silver have correlated very closely. However, recent price action indicates there may be a divergence. If the price of silver decouples from that of gold, that could be very good for silver investing.

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