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Premium Explained – Gold & Silver

Simple But Effective Tips In Getting A Good Price For Your Gold

When you own precious metals like gold, it’s natural to be anxious when selling them. After all, they are very valuable. You would want to get the right price for them.

Gold, Copper, and Silver Overtake Other Metals

Morgan Stanley continued to rest hopes on gold, copper and silver stating that they would easily overtake other metals, even as bullions moved from strength to strength on account of robust investor demand and large scale central bank buying. Joel Crane and Peter Richardson went on to declare that the policies brought into effect by the Central Bank have encouraged price appreciation of both silver and gold. According to Central Bank estimates, gold would remain at an average of $1,683/ounce this year, with a promise of $1,853 in the next.

Gold Prices to Increase Dramatically: Favorable Time for Gold Trading

With most countries around the world regularly buying gold for the last five years, the world has seen around 142 percent upsurge in the price of gold since 2008. Experts believe that the current scenario is just perfect for gold trading. According to projection by the World Gold Council, the total purchase of gold by central banks may reach 500 tons by the end of 2012.

What Type of Coin Collector Are You? Many Coin Collectors Assemble Their Collections by Type

What do you do when you reach your goals in your coin collection? Do you start upgrading existing specimens or look for other interesting coins to pursue? Most collectors actually assemble their collections based on the type of coin they’re pursuing.

The Greatest Wealth Transfer and Opportunity In History – Fast Approaching

As far back as the Romans and Greeks, cultures have engaged in deficit spending. These societies have always engaged in large scale wars, as their nations expanded into empires. Major drawbacks to economies or empires include the high costs to engage in these wars. Throughout history these wars have always been funded through too much government deficit spending. At the end, empires always collapse from too much debt. It is at this point where very large scale wealth transfers will occur, to those that are positioned correctly.

Ever Buy a Fake Coin? What to Do If You Discover You Just Bought a Counterfeit Coin

Would you know a fake coin if you saw one? I’ve written several articles on awareness and detecting counterfeit coins. Counterfeits are out there and discovering one suddenly places you in a confrontational situation. It surprises me how many buyers and sellers are unconcerned with the problem of fake coins. Here’s what to do if you discover a counterfeit.

Industrial Silver – Investment To Last Over 50 Years!

The monetary function and investment demand for silver have been in the news quite extensively in recent months. The investment side for this precious metal of course is extremely important. However we also cannot forget the sheer importance and value that comes from the metals industrial side. This provides for newer technologies as well according to Phil Baker President and CEO for Hecla Mining.

What Are the Differences Between Investing in Gold Versus Silver?

There is an expression that silver is the “poor man’s gold”. This implies that gold is the preferred precious metal, and silver would be bought second. While there are people who subscribe to this idea, investing in gold versus silver does have some differences.

The Gold Trading Markets’ Outburst

Since the Bretton-Woods System’s abandonment, gold trading has gone through several changes. Now that individuals are permitted to own and trade commodities such as gold and silver, several markets need to adjust or change in order to be a suitable setting for traders of gold and silver. These markets’ changes enable traders to have a meeting place where they can exchange commodities with conditions that provide the ideal pricing equity and dealing transparency.

Free Silver

Risk free trade for free silver coins. Seriously.

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