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Precious Metals 2020 – Measuring Your Wealth in Ounces (not dollars)

The Price of Gold in Our Days

Gold is one of the most precious metals in the world. Before paper money appeared gold was used as a currency under the form of coinage. Nowadays, besides it value as an investment, gold is the most used precious metal in jewelry and decorative art.

Buying and Selling Silver Bullion Bars

When it comes to commodities trading, few people realize the importance of silver bullion bars. Their first instinct is to buy as much gold as they can. Warren Buffet is one of the few exceptions, as he used his money to buy over 2 million ounces of silver. He paid between $4 and $8 an ounce, making his purchase quite expensive.

Buy Gold Bullion and Diamonds As Alternative Investments

Monetary metals such as gold and silver are sold in different amounts. However, most purchasers are looking to buy gold bullion. Bullion is a standard that is recognized by almost every country. The history of gold can be traced back to accent Egypt. Since its discovery it was used as a monetary system.

Why Americans Fear Gold and Silver Bullion

What is it about gold and silver bullion that makes it so desirable to some and completely ignored by others? Chances are good if you are reading this you have considered owning or currently own some gold and silver bullion. I think the reason so many disregard its safe haven qualities is simple, they believe there are better alternatives.

Searching and Finding Unique Rare and Old Antique American Gold and Silver Coins Today!

Now there are a lot of economic experts saying we could go back into a recession and maybe into a depression like the 1930s. To be honest it seems like we are in a depression right now! Lets hope we will never have to experience that horrible event.

Is it Safe to Invest Only in Gold?

When economic crises strike, it looks like no business is safe anymore. That is the moment when we need to protect our investment, our assets, our families. Regardless to the currency, paper money has merely a notional value which offers no real insurance. There is no bank in the world safe enough to guard our wealth when everything goes down. And then we ask ourselves how can we protect what we own, how can we save our capital?

Gold – A Good Investment

Gold is a metal that has a special place in this world. Not only women, but nowadays we find that even men like to adorn golden jewels. It is symbol of wealth, has a store value and it is a good form of investment. This metal which is yellow in color has been used for thousands of years, and is measured as grams.

Buy Gold Bullion Online – Gold Bullion Investment

Find the best places to buy gold bullion online at fantastic auction prices. See why buying gold bullion is the smart choice in these economic times.

Rare Gold Coins – What Are They?

What is the difference in gold, gold coins and rare gold coins? Read this entire article and find out.

Silver Bar Bullion – Protection From a Clear and Present Danger

Experts decree that investing in silver bullion bars is not only wise preparation for the turbulence ahead but also is positioning oneself for a wealth creation opportunity. The world financial foundations are cracking as paper currencies founded on debt, rather than gold and silver, are inflating and losing value.

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