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PCGS Coin Grading Review and PCGS Results Revealed!

Keep This In Mind When Looking At Gold Bullion Price

If you are looking to buy gold as an investment, it is very important that you keep an eye on the spot price of this precious metal. The reason for this is because gold bullion price can be affected negatively or positively, which can be due to many reasons.

Gold ETFs

Precious metals ETFs for example are considered the simpler of the options when considering investing in gold. Its main attribute is that you don’t own actual physical gold, but only a percentage of what the stock represents on the market.

What Is Gold and Silver?

What is gold? Gold is considered to be rare and can be found under shapeless grains, sheets or flakes. It is a very malleable material; one single ounce bar of gold can be stretched for 60 miles.

Record Gold Prices

Record gold prices fueled by economic uncertainty and now political instability are driving production, development and exploration to new levels and the entire spectrum of the gold sector will be represented at the two day event. It has been a remarkable 12 months since the last conference. When that event fnished on March 16, 2010 the gold price had closed the previous evening at $US1,105/oz.

How Rising Prices on Silver Affect Solar Market

The article provides information about increased prices of silver and its influence on solar world. One should know basic things before planning to invest in solar panels.

Buying Silver Coins For Investment – Relevant Tips

Buying silver coins for investment purposes is indeed a great idea. The sheer range of products available makes it an interesting option to leverage. Though some people stick to silver bullion, preferring the antique silver coin over others is also a common trend.

Gold Is Still a Safe-Haven As a Greek Default Still Seems Inevitable

Concerns about Greek default, and the knock-on effects which could have drastic consequences on global financial markets, have diminished – for now. However it is far too early to completely write off a Greek default which seems inevitable in the long term. Some analysts say five years until default, but others say this is far too optimistic and Greece will collapse financially well before that.

Is Gold in a Bubble?

Is gold in a bubble that is soon to burst? Great question if you are concerned about the direction of the US dollar. Read this article to learn facts about our current economic stage and why is different than the 1970’s when the dollar was removed from the gold standard. Find out why gold is the unambiguous winner for the state of Utah, for central banks, and one outstanding university.

The Gold Sovereign

The British Gold Sovereign is one of the most ubiquitous of all coins and much sought after by both coin collectors and bullion investors. Sovereigns have been minted since 1817 and here is a brief introduction and description of this world famous coin.

Don’t Wait: Invest In Gold And Silver Now

With Greece having to implement “austerity measures” to ensure continued money from the Union their people are in an uproar. The United States is in a similar predicament. Continue printing money or default. No longer can we even afford the interest payments on our debt and our favorite “friend” China doesn’t want to help us out anymore. So what are our options? Print money to pay the interest on our debt or default.

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