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New Electric Melting Furnace (For Pouring Silver) Review

History Suggests Success When Investing in Gold and Silver

This article starts with a brief history of gold and silver and then explores various ways to invest in precious metals. Read on to learn more.

Investing in Rare Earths

Up until just recently it was not possible for the private investor to enjoy the fruits of rare earth investing. Only large industrial companies could afford the cost of rare earths and that only for production. However, that has changed with the introduction of rare earth elements (REE) and strategic critical minerals now available as an investment.

Why Is It Wise To Buy Gold?

Gold has been one of the most desired among precious metals across the centuries. It is a wise investment decision to buy gold because this precious metal is the only currency that has never failed over the 5000 years of its use in history.

Why You Should Be Investing in Gold Now

Most investors split the money over some kind of mix of stocks and bonds. They usually intend that the stocks will be a portion of their money that is expected to grow, while the bonds produce slower growth but, by comparison to stocks, are virtually guaranteed to maintain and increase their value. While these categories of investments have their place in a portfolio, too many people are overlooking the potential benefits of Investing In Gold.

Is Outer Space The Next Frontier In Resource Investing?

A high profile team including top executives from Google and scientists from NASA are embarking upon a project to mine near-earth asteroids for minerals. This article explores the viability of this strategy.

How to Sell Gold Online

Gold has always been valuable and this is not about to change anytime soon. This is a commodity which gains value with the passing of years and becomes more and more scarce adding more value to it. It can come in different forms such as jewelry or even gold bars and coins. Most people would rather hold onto the gold all their lives but there are those who have the need to sell their gold for cash when the situation calls.

Selling Gold for Cash

Gold comes in many forms and most people have treasured items they could never exchange for anything. This is because of the value that comes attached to the precious metal and the class it gives to the owners. It is however easy to find that such items get spoiled or become useless with time but the fact is that they are still valuable and you always have the option of selling them for money.

Is Silver A Commodity Or A Precious Metal? – The Implications In Your Silver Investing

Investing in precious metals is different than investing in commodities. And the price of silver is the lowest, by far, of the four metals commonly considered to be precious metals. Also, industrial demand consumes about 50% of annual production of silver, far more than that of the king of precious metals, gold. And to confuse things even more, the other two metals commonly considered precious metals, palladium and platinum, are used almost exclusively in industrial applications. The answer to the question posed in the title is not “a little of both,” as I recently heard from a noted economist. The answer is closer to “a lot of both.” And the implications for successful silver investing cannot be overestimated.

The Factors That Dictate the Value of Coins

As a collector, it is best that you know everything about the value and what factors affect such, to be guided on what kinds of coins are worth to collect. Coin collectors look at the price and value of the coins quite seriously. The price pertains to the amount that they need to shell out in purchasing coins from various resources. The value, on the other hand, is the price that you will get paid for once you have decided to sell the coins on your collection.

What Kind Of Year Will 2012 Be?

We are coming into a special age and the end of a cycle, not the end of the world. In this coming time, many things will change – including the way we build wealth.

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