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How to Buy and Store Silver Bullion PROPERLY!

Gold Trading – Gold Mining Exploration

Trading in gold has been an age old practice worldwide. Gold has always been a popular commodity within the trading community. With the commodity exchange spreading its roots far and wide gold has again become an apple of the investor’s eye.

Gold Trading

There are a number of ways to do gold trading in the stock market. If you are looking to buy gold stocks, you can invest in mining companies.

What Are The Cheapest Gold Bullion Coins? Learn How To Calculate Gold Coin Premiums

With the large variety of gold bullion coins available for sale, how do you determine which is the cheapest one to buy? Here is a simple formula to calculate the premiums on gold coins…

Gold Coins Guide: The French 20 Franc Rooster

The French 20 Franc Rooster was minted between 1899 and 1914. It is considered to be one of the most popular among the European gold coins. They are favoured by the gold bullion investors because of their ability to be traded at small premiums over their gold value.

Advantages of Selling Your Gold Online

There are numerous advantages when you are selling gold online. First and foremost it is the ease and convenience that makes online buying and selling pleasurable. And another advantage that you cannot miss is regarding catching the price high.

Silver – The Poor Man’s Gold

Diversify your portfolio with Silver. It is relatively inexpensive and will counteract the low value of the dollar.

Gold – Is It the Only Safe Haven Investment Left

With the economy so sour right now, investors seem to be selling out of the market and looking for other areas which have a safe haven status right now. Gold has been a very hot commodity lately along with silver. Over the last two years goal has been dramatically increasing in price and hasn’t stopped.

Where To Buy Silver For Investing

As stock markets around the world have shown instability, there is one type of investing that benefits from current economic conditions. That would be the commodities market dealing in silver and gold trading. Precious metals have increased in value year over year for the past several years. Learn more about why this trend is likely to continue.

Could Gold Be The Next Big Currency?

If you look at the recent discussions regarding currency we could see many problems exist. Also it could be a fact that some countries may just be printing money with out any thing to back it up. For example there was a time when it was said that printed money had to be backed up by gold. But it appears that times have changed and it could be wise to carefully look at your options. Many people talk about a financial melt down, so would it be wise to look at other ways to protect your investments?

Selling Your Seller Financed Note For Gold

The USA’s triple A credit rating has now been downgraded to a double A. Downgraded notes will be worth less and less as time goes on. Note holders of seller financed notes might want to think about cashing out now before things possibly get worse. There does not seem to be an end in sight for years to come with financial forecasters predicting possible further losses as time goes on.

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