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Hero Bullion – World’s FIRST Order and Unboxing!

What Will Happen With the Price of Gold If the Global Recession Recovers Slowly?

Lately, the economy has been showing positive signs, which may suggest that there is an economic recovery coming our way and the recession is about the end. What will happen with the price of gold?

American Silver Eagle Coins – Why Bother Collecting or Investing?

Coin collectors and bullion investors use different measures of value when it comes to purchasing these commodities. So, what makes American Silver Eagle Coins worth bothering about? Is it age, condition, rarity, popularity or a combination of all of these?

Italian Gold Coins – The Italian 20 Lire Gold Coin

Umberto 1 was the king of Italy before which he was a duke in the year 1878. His assassination took place in 1900 until which he ruled in Italy. The era of European coinage in the 19th century showed the famous Italian gold coin of 20 lire.

Buying Gold Represents a Good Investment

If you have a great amount of money it is perhaps a good idea to invest it. However, it has been proven that the investment market is a rather fluctuating one.

Canadian Gold Coins – Why You Should Invest in the Canadian Maple Leaf Gold Coin

The Maple leaf is the trade mark of Canada. It is a symbol of Canada all over the world. It is a trademark accepted worldwide. Even the most popular gold coins of Canada are made in the shape of maple leaf.

The Price For Selling Gold – What to Expect to Get Out of Your Scraps and Jewelry!

Those that need to find some easy and fast money have probably thought about what they own and can sell. This is normally something you go through when you start to get to where you are scraping the bottom of the barrel and you need cash fast. So what is the price for selling gold that you can get?

Junk Silver Coins – 90% Silver Coins

Well today, the only coins that have a recognized bullion value are pure gold or pure silver coins. But there are other coins which are also valuable because of their content; we’re talking about junk silver coins.

Gold – Why the Price of Gold Fluctuates

The DOW Jones Industrial Average and other markets have seen sudden and dramatic decline over the last few weeks. It is like everyone is sitting nervously at their computers with their finger right above the send button on nothing but ‘sell’ orders.

The Price of Gold – Past and Future

The price of gold remained remarkably stable for long periods of time. In times of crisis gold has an intrinsic value while inflation can plummet the value of your savings.

What to Look For in Gold Eagle Coins – How to Recognize Them

Investing in a gold coin collection is definitely worth it. It is a good idea for you to have rare pieces, but you certainly need to own a number of gold bullion that are the easiest and quickest to capitalize on. The American Gold Eagle coins are an excellent choice. All you have to do is learn what to look for in them.

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