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GOLD OR SILVER 2021 – Which is a Better Buy?

First Strike Silver Eagles – High-Demand, Quality Coins With An Outstanding Investment Potential

The First Strike Silver Eagle coins are those American Silver Eagle coins that were struck early in the life of a die, usually the first 30 days. They have crisper lines and more distinct markings, and they usually are graded more highly by third-party grading services. PCGS first strike Silver Eagle coins sell for a higher price than comparably graded coins that are not first strike quality. But are they worth it?

Investing In Buffalo Gold Coins

People choose to invest in precious metal coins for many reasons. One of them is the fact that they increase in value with time if preserved in proper conditions.

Is Palladium A Good Investment Or Is Gold A Better One?

Few people know what palladium is and what it is being used for. Palladium is a metal from the platinum group with high qualities and with refined looks. Its silvery-white color is appreciated by many and used for jewelry and adornments.

Precious Metal Update

Both gold and silver had done remarkably well in 2010, due to the huge debts of major developed countries, their galloping inflation and, consequently, falling currencies. As such, the gold price increased by 30%, whereas the silver one by a stunning 83% last year.

Canadian Silver Bars – Low Premiums And High Purity Make These Silver Bars An Excellent Investment

Canadian silver bars are renowned for being minted from some of the purest silver in all the world. Purity levels above .9990 are common, such as in the Royal Canadian Mint silver bars at 100 ounces that are .9999 fine silver, or 99.99% pure.

Gold Buying Business In Vogue These Days

Gold buying business is in full swing these days because people are cashing upon their scrap gold instead of borrowing loans or using credit cards for quick money. Broken pieces of a gold jewelry may be scrap for a seller but they are actually precious good for a buyer.

Investing In Gold And Silver In Case Of Hyperinflation

Those individuals that read the business section of the newspaper on a daily basis or watch business related news programs, may be informed as to what inflation is and how it ravages and affects countries and its people. Many may not know the exact definition or simply define it as rising prices for essential items.

Price of Gold – The Glenn Beck Factor

When it comes to investing, the fundamentals were thrown out the window a long time ago.  Price to earnings ratios and financial statements no longer drive the markets. Instead, prices are dictated by investor psychology; or worse yet, mass hysteria.

How to Use Gold Markings to Help Sell Your Gold

With the current historic highs for the prices of precious metals, many people are looking into selling their unwanted jewelry and other items made from gold, silver and platinum. By learning about the gold markings or hallmarks as they are known in the trade, you will be better equipped to sell your gold. Like everything else, when it comes to precious metals, it is a good idea to know what you have before you try to sell it.

Review of Rich Dad’s Advisors – Guide to Investing in Gold and Silver

As an avid investor in gold and silver and a past real estate investor, I thought to write this review. Read this before you read the book Rich Dad’s Advisors – Guide to Investing in Gold and Silver by Mike Maloney.

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