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Gold Krugerrands – Why you NEED to be Stacking Gold Krugerrand Coins!

Silver Investing – The Last Best Opportunity To Buy Silver Bullion

It is my firm opinion that every American should be buying gold and/or silver as insurance against the economic calamity that will bring the United States to its knees. Bullion is the best form of precious metals to buy, as it provides more insurance per dollar of cost than other forms of gold and silver. Long term, I believe silver will provide more economic insurance per dollar of cost than will gold. There are several reasons, which I have written about in this venue and others. Because of a couple of those reasons, the price of silver has been much more volatile than that of gold, or any other investment for that matter. To recognize the last best opportunity to buy silver bullion, macroeconomic factors affecting the United States must be understood.

Investors Continue to Buy Gold Coins

There is one major reason why investors around the world are flocking to gold – security. At a time when financial markets around the world are shaky at best coupled with debt crises in America and abroad, investors are rightly seeking the safest haven for their investment. As you have seen over the past week or so, gold has been the hottest commodity around with skyrocketing prices.

Investing in Silver!

Investing in silver coin and bullion is a wise move if one wants to profit during economically challenging times. And these are certainly economically challenging times. Recent global economic concerns has lead more people to turn to Silver and Gold coins and bullion.

Will Gold Hit $2,000 by the End of 2011? Is It a Good Time to Purchase Gold?

The events of the last weeks have been remarkable-and that’s putting it mildly. A near credit default by the U.S. Government.

Why Gold Prices Are Surging on eBay

People selling gold on eBay have experienced a flood of business widely. Especially with the latest stock market turmoil it has been a big boom of business for them. The end of last week gold and silver sales on eBay have quadrupled lately.

Is Silver a Good Investment for 2011?

There are many economic analysts who are hinting how bad inflation is right now. Even though silver and gold have increased dramatically in price, these commodities are still very undervalued. But even though the price of silver has skyrocketed lately, it is still a very undervalued commodity and asset.

Is It a Good Time to Be Investing in Gold?

With the volatile stock market at the moment, people are selling out of the market and looking for much more reliable, stable, long-term investments. But is it smart to be looking at gold as a long-term investment right now. Did you ever hear the term buy low, sell low?

Wealth Insurance: Using Gold For Asset Protection Strategies In This Turbulent Global Economy

In this article I am going to demonstrate and explain how owning physical gold and silver is the best strategy to protect your wealth, hedge against inflation, and an excellent vehicle to develop a significant income stream during these turbulent economic times. Wealth Insurance: Using Gold For Asset Protection Strategies In This Turbulent Global Economy   Well Standard and Poor’s sure gave everyone some news to talk about on Friday night..

Know Your Gold Prices Before You Sell Gold

Anyone who wants to sell gold and get cash for unwanted jewellery would be wise to know the market rates before they sell their gold. These days, you can sell gold at virtually any jewellers, a range of online websites, market stalls and other venues with no relation to jewellery at all. However, the price you get can vary significantly; especially when you take account of hidden charges.

Buying and Selling Gold and Protecting Online Transactions

With cyber crime on the rise, and scam artist crawling the net protect investments against the reach of such dangers. Buying gold can be profitable if bought at the right price and from the right place. In today’s world its important to protect transactions made over the internet, but how can this be achieved?

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