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Gold Investing 2021 – Why You NEED To Be Buying Gold!

Some Useful Information To Have When Selling Gold

When you start a job and start making money it is always a good idea to save some of it after your basic necessities are taken care of. When most people think of savings the image of a big, old bank building comes to mind but that is not all you can do with your money. Investing money is also a great way of securing your nest egg.

PCGS Silver Eagle: Authoritative PCGS Grading Label Adds To Saleability And Value

A PCGS Silver Eagle is an American Silver Eagle coin that has been graded by the Professional Coin Grading Service, perhaps the most prestigious third-party grading service in the world. A PCGS Silver Eagle is an American Silver Eagle coin that has been graded by the Professional Coin Grading Service, perhaps the most prestigious third-party grading service in the world.

Will Increased Demand Destroy the Silver ETF (SLV)

As spot silver prices reach and break new highs each week, several market insiders have speculated that increased demand might bring down SLV, the most prominent silver ETF. While the fund is supposed to be backed by physical reserves of silver, the size of the silver market and investor demand for the ETF mean that those reserves may be taxed. While it is unlikely that a problem will emerge, it is worth consideration by market participants.

Buy Silver and This Will Truly Enhance Your Investments

Everybody seems to be buying silver as an investment nowadays. Aside from talking, people have gone past it and are now buying and selling silver and other precious metals such as gold as well as platinum. If the price of silver goes up, it only means one thing: something is being purchased in large amounts.

Silver Dollar Value Continues to Escalate

Precious metals such as gold and silver are vastly becoming attractive investments with the ongoing global economic downturn. Inflation also played a major role in boosting up the price of these metals.

An Investment That Triples Your Money in Less Than Three Years

There’s no question that most people worry about the US economy and the rest of the global market. Even investors seem to be looking for more stable investments. That is partly why the price of gold has been on the up and up lately.

All You Need to Know About Gold Investment

Commodity market is just as big as the stock market. And due to the lack of knowledge most people fear to invest in precious commodities like gold and silver. This article aims to deliver a handy guide to assist your decision to invest in gold.

Is It Time to Buy Silver?

Unless you have been hiding under a rock, you probably know that silver has had a major correction over the past week. The precious metal plummeted about 30% from a high of almost $50 an ounce to less than $35 yesterday. This six-day drop is one of the largest since 1983.

Silver and Gold Prices Continue to Climb – Is It Time To Make a Move?

Is it time to make a move, and get an ounce of silver sent to your mailbox every single month? As prices continue to climb, is it time to make a move? Well?

What Is Going On With Silver?

If I could summarize the thoughts of silver investors over the last five days it might be: What is going on with silver? Is the run over? Do I sell? Do I buy more? Do I curl up in the corner and just cry and wait until it’s over? If gold and silver were in an insane asylum, gold would be mumbling to itself walking down the halls and silver would be in a straight jacket locked up in a padded room. In other words, silver can act crazy sometimes… like a 170% move up in the past eight months or a 60% fall in 2008 or what it is doing now, a 30% correction in five days and counting. Silver is much easier to kick around than gold.

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