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Gold Confiscation – Will The Government Confiscate YOUR GOLD?

The Coin Value of Your Silver Dollars and Managing Their Sale Proceeds

You’ve been diligently saving and investing in gold and silver coins for some time now. Knowing when to sell is more important than buying your gold and silver coins or bullion at the lowest prices. You probably didn’t buy all your assets all at once, you bought them over time.

Can Rare Coin Prices Make You a Millionaire? Just Wait

Most people when given the option of being rich or poor would choose to be wealthy. When I was growing up, it was the dream of many of my peers to become a millionaire. Many people who’ve succeeded have given up a lot to reach the financial status of millionaire.

What You Need to Know About Spot Price of Silver

You may be wondering, is silver a good investment? The answer is actually simple and it is no longer as shocking as before. Indeed, it is in an investor’s best interest to allot some of his resources to buy silver bullion. But like any other modes of investment, your success can be determined by how much you know about the market, particularly how well you know the silver spot price.

Investing in Silver: Why, How and Tips

Silver is definitely a hot commodity today. There is an increasing trend in its intrinsic value making it a great investment. If you are looking for another way to invest your money, consider this precious metal. By adding this into your portfolio of bonds, stock, and mutual funds, you are introducing a tangible asset making your portfolio more diverse and helps protect it against fluctuations in value of just one asset.

Gold IRA Rollover – Tips To Choose The Right Company

If you are planning to do a gold IRA rollover, then you are not alone. This has become very popular these days, given that the worsening economic scenario has caused gold to increase its luster. Gold is very much in demand these days as a hedge against uncertain times which seem to be just around the corner at all times.

Gold and Silver – The Traditional Materials for Making Coins

From 4 transition metals only gold and silver are looked upon as precious metals. As gold and silver are precious metals and rarely found, they come with high economic value.

What Is Gold Standard and Its 3 Different Types

Many countries have been defining gold standard as a monetary system whereby the currency used is based on a fixed amount of (Au). In this monetary system, cash and deposits in the bank can be exchanged into gold and the price is fixed.

Krugerrand – The Famous Bullion Coin Made of Precious Metal

There are 33 well-known bullions produced from all over the world, but the Krugerrand seems to be the most popular of all. It all started when the South African Mint Company produced the Krugerrand to make it as currency and circulated it all over the country.

Investment in Silver

Investment in silver is as wise as investment in other precious metals like platinum, gold and palladium when it comes to commodity investment. This is because silver has already been used as store of value and currency for 400 years.

Silver – The Metal That Conducts Electricity and is Precious in Value

Silver is a soft metal that is metallic-white in color and contains chemical elements. Silver is formed naturally, just like gold and many other metals.

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