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Eris Sprott Invested in Great Thunder Gold and I Interview the CEO Blair Naughty

Best Tips on Gold Commodity Trading

It is evident now that all the current interests in the world today revolve around the gold commodity trading. As a result of the popularity garnered, many pieces of advices have come up with even the novice claiming to be experts in the field. The gold values change constantly and to elude the problems associated with this, one needs to get well versed with a few major tips in the trade.

Keeping Part Of Your Savings In Gold

While it is true that the unprecedented production of consumer goods has driven us to an equally unprecedented consumerist behavior, it is not less true that any habit can be broken when the economic conditions determining it are changing. And this is what we are witnessing in the present economic recession provoked mainly by the financial crisis following the mortgage credit defaults.

Who Is Buying Gold These Days?

Gold is one of the most popular precious metal and aside from being a coinage metal it always served as a symbol of prosperity representing control and power for those who own it. The glittering metal was always sought after as it is a rare and beautiful metal. Many years ago first gold was a monetary unit used on the financial market but was set aside as economy developed and paper money was introduced.

Investor’s Appetite For Gold

At first sight, one could describe the last 2 years as a paradox. While jewelry sales have gone down dramatically, the appetite for gold has touched historical peaks. But on a closer look at the buyers’ profile, this apparent conflict is explained: gold, as a commodity, has been the indisputable star among stock traders.

Three Great Reasons Why You Should Invest In The 2011 Chinese Gold Panda Coin

The 2011 Chinese Gold Panda coin marks the 29th different design in the series of this ever popular gold coin. This limited edition .999 gold bullion coin was first introduced in 1982 and soon became one of the most in demand gold coins.

Exchange Any Old Gold For Dollars Now!

If you have been wondering how to clean out your old jewellery box of its dated items such as bangles or earrings, tangled necklaces or broken rings or anything else that you are simply fed up with seeing, dig it out and decide what you want to get rid of and we will give you money for it. Whatever you do, don’t send it down to the local pawnshop, as you will probably not get a good deal. They will give you rock bottom prices for your gold whereas we will give your a fair deal and a more than generous amount of cash for the gold.

Receive Cash Returns For Handing In Your Unwanted Gold

Do you find that you have got mountains of old jewellery and gold just sat there in the bedroom, taking up room and getting in the way? You wouldn’t dream of throwing it out, but how would you get rid off it. The best thing that you can do to make sure that it doesn’t bother you anymore is to simply sell it. We exchange your unwanted necklaces, rings, earrings, pendants, medallions or bracelets. Basically any old gold that you have had enough of, we purchase from you.

Don’t Pawn Your Gold, Exchange It For Cash Online Today

If you are like most of us, you possibly have lots of jewellery, most of it old, which you just don’t like but you don’t know how to get rid of it. The last thing you should do is pawn it down at the pawnshop. You want to try and get some money for it, preferably more than what one of the shops will offer you. You don’t want to just give it away. You can free up some room to make space for some new jewellery. Earn cash today by simply sending in your old gold.

Why Silver Is Going Over $50 an Ounce

I believe now that this is the perfect opportunity to invest in silver. Many people say that the price is too high. Of course they’re right!

Christians Investing in Gold – Is It Right?

A lot of people today are investing in gold and in silver. However, whether Christians should invest in gold is a question that quite a lot of people today are considering. Read on to find out the answers.

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