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3 Things That Will FORCE Silver Prices Up!

Cash For Gold Is a Real Deal to Help Ends Meet

Cash for gold companies have sprung up like weeds in the past few years. These companies not only exist in order to make a profit, but they also want to make it easier for you to turn your gold into cash.

7 Tips for Buying Rare American Coins at Auctions

Auctions are fun and exciting ways to purchase your rare American coins. You should feel ecstatic about your new acquisition. Often, there is a fine line between the acquisition of your rare American coin and simply letting it go.

An Introduction To Allocated Gold

Allocated gold is that, which is owned outright by an investor and when it is stored, it becomes allocated gold storage. Generally, the storage is done in a custody or safekeeping arrangement by the service providers in a professional bullion vault. It is rightly pointed out as the property of the investor.

The Amateurs Guide To Collecting Silver Coins As A Hobby

Individuals often have different types of hobbies, which they prefer to indulge in from time to time. An old, and traditionally followed, hobby is collecting old or rare coins. Even though many reference books try to explain this particular hobby, much of the information pertaining to coin collection is obtained verbally, on a personal basis.

Gold A Slam-Dunk Sell in China As ‘Aunties’ Buy Bullion

Wearing a thick coat to protect against the autumn chill while standing outside Beijing’s busiest jewelry store, Yang Cuiyan, a 41-year-old housekeeper from Anhui province, clasps a gold necklace she paid 10,000 yuan for ($1,640), or five months’ wages. She is another reason China is poised to topple India as the world’s top consumer of gold even as investors worldwide desert the yellow metal.

Old Jewelry: To Sell Or Not To Sell?

As a jewelry lover, you know how it is to upgrade your pieces every couple of years or even every couple of months. As popular styles change, jewelry designers go in and out of style, and your personal tastes shift, you usher in new pieces to match your current needs. Even your wedding ring gets upgraded every few anniversaries.

Three Misconceptions About Gold Buyers

There are many different reasons to sell your gold jewelry. Maybe you’ve just upgraded your gold pieces or your taste in jewelry designers has changed. Maybe you’ve been through a divorce and suddenly that wedding ring or band isn’t needed.

Why Are Bullion Coins Given the Numismatic Value of Rare American Coins?

It seems like if a bullion coin gets a date stamped on it, it then has numismatic interest equating to more than bullion value. Dated coins go for well over bullion value in just about any market.

Invest In Gold Before The Zombie Apocalypse

Are you truly prepared for the zombie apocalypse? If you haven’t invested in gold or silver you simply can’t say that you are prepared. Find out why investing in gold and silver is so important to your financial future.

Five Reasons Gold Is Set to Soar Higher

Gold Reason No. 1: Don’t Ignore Inflation: The stock market panic of 2008 sent commodity and stock prices – which includes the price of oil – much lower. That launched a huge debate whether deflation or inflation would be the final result. Remember, since 2001 – under estimated price inflation of 2.5% – gold managed to rise 400%. The Federal Reserve is expected to keep short-term rates near zero through 2013 & 2014 leaving the door ajar to ignite more inflation. To shorten the recession, quantitative easing (massive printing of dollars) exploded the monetary base. As of October 2008, in only four months, the central bank doubled the U.S. money supply, going way beyond anything done in the nation’s history. On a worldwide basis, central banks have printed up an unbelievable $12 trillion worth of stimulus money, which is Robbing us-the citizens, by greatly decreasing the purchasing power of the dollars already in existence-the dollars in our paychecks and bank accounts. Most economists agree that [inflation] will win out over deflation eventually.

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