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3 Silver Stacking Tips So You Don’t Get Burned Buying Silver!

How to Sell Coins on eBay

It doesn’t matter you are a coin dealer or only a collector want to downsize your collection, eBay is always a good place to get your coins sold. However, it’s not as easy as list and collect money. You need to be prepared to get your coins sold at good value.

Gold Is Inching Toward a $400 Breakout Probability

Predictions, and those who make them, can be very misleading. Only by considering probabilities can you make rational choices about possible price movements. It is a mistake to put faith in predictions. The probabilities are high that this article will put money in your pocket!

Investment Coins – The Benefits and Strategy When Buying

Investment coins include any gold coins, rare coins, sovereigns or bullion that are purchased/collected with the primary objective of making a future return on investment. The quality, scarcity, preservation as well as the intrinsic value of the metal that an investment coin is manufactured from, all need to be carefully considered before it’s purchased.

Finding Reputable Gold Dealers in Your Area

If you have decided to sell some of your gold pieces, then you want to find reputable gold dealers. Read on for some tips on finding people that you can trust to sell your items to.

Where to Sell Silver

This article explains where to sell your silver. The target audience for this article is small to medium business owners.

Are You Ready for Silver’s BREAKTHROUGH?

In April 2011, the price of silver started to plunge and it went through a correction that lasted more than a year. However, I believe that the end of this correction is near. As gold starts moving up in times when Quantitative Easing is a norm, silver will move. With silver’s dual nature role as precious and industrial metal, this will further accelerate its bull run move!

Why Investing in Gold Is Wise

During the past few years, GOLD has proved to be the most consistent and best investment option. All other investments avenues like equity, MF, SIP’s, PPF, FD, etc have not been able to match the shine of GOLD.

What Is Gold Worth?

The question: “what is gold really worth?” is one that is more relevant than ever in today’s constantly changing world. With rising inflation and investors looking for new avenues of long-term investment value, questions about gold are arising. Being able to answer this very simple question could shape the future of the world economy.

Zar Coins Vs Mandela Coins Vs Krugerrand Coins

If you’re new to coin collecting, either for investment purposes or as a hobby, you’ll know that there are many different types and series of coins that you could choose to start collecting. Sometimes, it’s confusing to know just where to begin. With that in mind, we look at the differences between three South African coin types that are most popular amongst collectors and investors: ZAR coins, Mandela Coins and Kruger Rands.

Advantages of Buying Gold As an Investment

There is an increased interest from investors to buy gold during these uncertain times due to the lower risks associated with a gold investment. Commercial investments include Krugerrands, sovereigns and gold bars and each has its own advantages.

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