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2021 Silver Eagle & 2021 Gold Eagle Security Features Announced!

Gold Vs. Silver – The Industrial Question

Warren Buffet once talked about how extraterrestrials who were watching earth would be thoroughly confused about how we handle gold. First, we dig the this yellow metal up out of the earth, melt it into shapes, and then lock it back under underground and guard it with machine guns! It largely makes no practical sense, and provides no real value to the world.

Are Gold Prices in a Bubble?

For as long as there have been financial markets, there have been bubbles. They are a necessary component of capitalism that occur in every sector across every market. A bubble is essentially a situation when prices become overinflated for reasons that have nothing to do with the fundamentals of the asset. The most notorious of bubbles was the tulip mania, when Dutch tulip bulbs sold for as much as 10 the average annual income… and then fell as quickly as they rose. Is Gold reaching bubble status? Here are a few points to consider:

4 Reasons to Add Silver to Your Portfolio

Interest in precious metals investing has skyrocketed over the last few years. With global economic events uncertain, raging inflation in many parts of the world, and soaring gold & silver prices, it’s no wonder this drama has captured the interest of the public’s eye. While investing in precious metals isn’t right for everyone, it can be a great addition to many investment portfolios.

Historical Ratio Between Gold and Silver Prices

Modern precious metals markets have been highly violate, with larger prices swings from one day to the next. With such volatility for an extended period of time, it can be easy to lose sight of what certain commodities are actually worth. In this article we will explore one tool that can help precious metals investors determine a realistic value for gold and silver, based on their historical relationship.

Precious Metals – Ready to Soar

New article focusing on the precious metals sector. We’ve assimilated data from independent polls and combined them with commercial trader action to form a bullish picture in 2012 for gold and silver.

Industrial Demand for Silver

It is not easy to predict about the future of economy. However, investors keep a sneak peek in the global market in order to make massive profits. Most of the doubts prevail in the market because of difficulty over the lack of clarity in the commodities prices.

Where to Find Trustworthy Gold Coin Dealers

Do you have pieces of gold jewelry that you no longer use? Selling them over the Internet is much better than your local jewelry store or pawnshops.

Investing in Silver Jewellery

The article describes the reasons on why it is profitable to invest in silver jewellery. Purchases of silver are regarded as the best investment. Experts in the silver industry claim, that purchasing jewellery, next to gold is a great option to park your money.

Essential Things to Take Into Consideration When Buying Gold Online

In order to put money into gold, you should give protection to your money by using the suitable process. People right now can buy gold online. To offer you a clear picture, this article can serve as a guide for first time investors.

Important Reminders When Selling to Gold Buyers

Gold buyers seem to be everywhere. You can find them on the Internet and you can see them in various print and TV ads. This article discusses how the modern gold buying process works and how sellers can benefit.

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