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2021 Morgan Silver Dollars – MASSIVE PROFIT POTENTIAL!

The Meaning of Investing in Gold

Investing in gold is a very wise action. This is because its value always increases in a long time. Gold investments is to invest in gold. This could be gold in physical form or open a gold savings account at the bank. Gold in physical form of the gold dinar, gold bars and jewelry. Why gold? The price of gold is increasing in the long run. Gold is a commodity, so there will be up and down price per day. But every 12 months you will be able to feel the intensity.

Guide to Selling Your Silver

When the economy softens there may be times when you may need a way of making some extra money. An easy way to make some extra cash is by selling your old silver. You probably have some old silver collecting dust in your home. With the gains silver has made over the past few years now may be a very profitable time to sell. But before selling there are a few things you should know.

Reasons for Price Differences in Diamonds

Did you recently try to sell your diamonds and were disappointed in the price you were quoted? Believe it or not, this happens to many individuals. While it may be frustrating, determining how much a diamond is worth depends on much more than just its size.

Top 5 Silver Items to Sell to Gold Buyers

While gold buyers are obviously known for buying gold, did you know they will also purchase silver? If you have any scrap silver sitting in your jewellery box or around your home, this could mean a big cash payment for you. Silver is no longer a cheap alternative to gold.

My 2012 Silver Forecast

Based on fundamental, technical, and other pertinent information, I give my 2012 silver forecast. The price of silver could be in for quite a ride in 2012. Learn valuable information about silver.

Build Wealth, Travel The World, And Have A Great Time Doing It

The few people I know who don’t collect coins often envision coin collectors as strange bookish recluses ensconced at a desk in a dark room with a magnifying glass staring for hours at some obscure minute and unknown variation. And, OK, that’s often true. Honestly it can be really hard competing with the adrenaline rush of other hobbies such as motorcycle riding or extreme badminton.

Tax Liabilities On Precious Metal Investments

For those just starting out investing or thinking about investing in precious metals, you should be aware of the IRS guidelines on reportable sales to the IRS from a precious metals dealer. So let’s just get to it. Here is what I have found out about precious metals and taxes.

Bernanke Lights the Fuse on Gold and Silver

What should really interest investors like us though is the reaction of the markets immediately after Bernanke’s statement. There were two important developments: the US dollar tanked on the foreign exchanges (despite the problems in the Eurozone) and gold and silver shot up.

Private Gold And Silver Is Real Money

Throughout history a number of things have been used as a currency or medium of exchange. The inflexibility of trying to buy a suit with a few chickens when the vendor has no need for chickens, led to the creation of a more standardized method of exchange with a recognized value. The first paper money was introduced in China in the 7th century.

Get Private Gold And Silver

Our world is facing unprecedented circumstances, and for this reason I believe having private gold and silver in your possession is imperative. The world has never before seen a time when the reserve currency for nearly all nations was a fiat currency. There have been thousands of fiat currencies throughout history, and all of them have failed.

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